Fake Murano glass?

Aug 11th, 1999, 10:04 AM
Edmund LeRoy
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Fake Murano glass?

I have just returned from Venice where I along with some friends visited the island of Murano. We went into a large shop with a vast array of glassware, and we all purchased some items.

When my decanter and glasses arrived in the USA, I noticed a small piece of paper in the bowl of the decanter. It looks like an inspection slip and has the Czech words "Morávske sklárny" on it. I wonder of this glass was actually made in the Czech Republic where labor is undoubtedly cheaper? Is this usual? I've never read anything in the guidebooks warning about Murano glass that may not be made in Murano.
Aug 11th, 1999, 10:47 AM
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Dear Edmund
Yes, it's true. I've read in guides that a lot of so-called "Murano glass" is actually made in the Czech republic or even elsewhere.
I did some investigating before I went and while I was there, and I bought my items from a reputable Murano factory's showroom, so I'm fairly certain it's authentic. Many of the shops on Murano and in Venice proper
are quite tourist-oriented,and the glass they sell may be Venetian style but is not necessarily made there.
However, don't be disappointed. I'm sure the glass is lovely and you did have to be in Venice to order it.
Maybe Prague sells glass made in Murano?
Aug 14th, 1999, 12:02 PM
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Just came back, and also bought some glass in Murano. We found the big factories at the boat pier to be very expensive, but this may be the only way to be sure you're getting Murano glass. However, do you really care? We bought two items in a small shop on the island, love them, they look great, they were bought in Murano, and in the end, it really doesn't matter! However, I do understand this is a big problem, much of the glass in the shops comes from all over the place!
Aug 16th, 1999, 11:44 AM
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Fake or not, you may be assured that prices in Venice are much higher than elsewhere in Italy. I have relatives in Brunico (Alto Adige) that have a nice little department store. Among other things, they have a floor with a big assortment of porcelainware (Meissen, Rosenthal, Royal Dux, Royal Copenhagen, etc), crystalware (Baccarat, Edinburgh, Blazek, Swarovski, Lalique, etc), silverware, etc. The've also got an assortment of Murano glass, including many signed pieces. Athough evidently their assortment is small when compared to what's available in Venice, they don't have a single piece that isn't at least 30% cheaper than in the origin. I've also seen many pieces being sold in Florence much cheaper than in Venice.


Aug 16th, 1999, 11:55 AM
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Recently, we were in Rome with the kids. We didn't bring back anything because we were always aware that we could obtain same items for less or the same without damaging them in transporting them to US. I, too would be upset if I bought an item to represent my trip toa particular place and them got home and found it came from somewhere else. Its the principle. The CZ has wonderful glass but you were in Murano.

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