Ever been down SOUTH of ROME???

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Ever been down SOUTH of ROME???

We've heard that it's pretty scary to go to the South of Rome. Yet, we also heard that Sorrento and Naples are worth seeing.... We have about 3 to 4 days in Rome, and are wondering if we have time to venture down there, and if we have time?? Any suggestions? Is Pompeii worth it or is it a tourist trap?
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We just got back from Rome & points south last week. Its definately worth a trip. Sorrento is a good base from which to explore Capri, Amalfi Coast & Pompei.
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You must not miss the opportunity to venture further south than Rome. If you are worried about safety or time considerations may I suggest you take a one day or two day bus tour, which you can probably book from your hotel in Rome. I understand there are several tours that will allow you to see Sorrento, pass through the Amalfi coast and enjoy a couple of hours at Pompeii. Naples would have to be a separate side trip, and given your time constraints I probably wouldn't attempt it. But Sorrento/Amalfi/Pompeii is a must. Re Pompeii, I was there last year in June and can assure you it is not a tourist trap and is well worth the visit. By taking a tour you will have a local guide who will be able to explain Pompeii in far greater detail than if you venture there yourselves and just buy a guide book. Incidentally, shop around the small vendors located in the car park area outside Pompeii for the best price on souvenir guide books. If recollection serves me correctly the price varied between about 6,000 and 12,000 lira for exactly the same item. Similar differences existed on post cards etc. Good luck. Lanny
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Kelly Rankin
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We stayed in Positano for ten days last summer. It is on the Amalfi Coast. We took a train from Rome to Naples and then took the "circum Vesuvius" (what an adventure that was *sarcastic*) to Sorrento. From Sorrento you can take a city bus to Positano. Quite the Oddessey, but what a place. It is, without a doubt, the most magical place I have ever been. The entire city is built into the side of a mountain. Every hotel and building has a front row view of the ocean. The 425 steps (there are stairs instead of roads) from the beach up to the hotel were another story. . . . It was worth it!!!!
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The road from Pompeii to Sorrento is spectacular. We took a day tour with Appian from Rome to Naples/ Pompeii and Sorrento. I would not recommend Appian Tours. (I've already posted separately about this experience.) I would highly recommend the drive from Pompeii to Sorrento. The advantage of not trying to drive it ourselves was my husband and I both could really concentrate on the view. We didn't go to Capri but several couples I spoke to at our hotel said it was the highlight of their trip. We just didn't have any more time or we would have done it. It would be a shame to skip such beautiful sights south of Rome just because of "bad press."
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In 1992, my girlfriend and I travelled from Rome to Naples by train, staying 2 nights at the Youth hostel in Naples. The further south you go in Italy, the more chaotic it gets. However, I would recommend it. Pompeii is definately worth seeing, it is fascinating. Also go see Herculaneum, which was a village buried by the same volcano as Pompeii. It is just as fascinating. With regards to security, just keep your common sense with you. Be back at your hotel by dark, stay together, keep a good grip on your valuables, and try not to look like a lost tourist (even if you are!). I was nervous before I went, but had a wonderful time.
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bruce brenner
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Will be going to Rome and the Amalfi coast mid october. Any advice on Hotels in Rome ($200-$300)? Also any specifics on the train trip from Rome to Naples would be appreciated...and any other great tips and resteraunts would be great will be staying in Positano.


Bruce Brenner
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Sonya Cabri
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I am very interested in your method of travel from
Naples to Positano. We are flying into Naples in
September and need to know the best way to get to
our hotel in Positano. We would rather not rent a
car until we get to Florence. There are three
couples. If you have any suggestions, please
E-Mail me or answer me here on the message board.
Thank you for your help.
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Lisa Davis
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In southern Italy, theft of luggage from parked cars is a big problem, even if the stuff is out of sight. Don't leave anything in the car, even for a lunch stop. The bus tour sounds like a great idea. In Capri, don't miss the Blue Grotto. You go into a cave by the sea in little boats. Sunlight shining through the water creates a magical blue light. It might just be the highlight of your trip. The Amalfi Drive and Pompeii are also "must see"s. The guided bus trip would solve all the problems, and leave you to just have a great time.
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Tim Norris
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Day trip south from Roma: Yes you can do Pompeii and Ercolano in a day. You have to catch the early train to Naples and then the local line south toward Sorrento to get to Pompeii and Ercolano, which is much smaller than Pompeii, but is equally interesting and abit better perserved. The town of Ercolano is equally interesting because of its southern Italian vitality! IT is only a short walk down the hill from the train station to the site. Viewing time about 1-2 hours. Pompeii viewing time 2-3 hours. Good Travels.
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Kate Piccard
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My husband and I will be taking our first trip to the Amalfi Coast (but 2nd to Italy) in Sept. We'd like to stay in Positano as a base for the South of Rome area (including Pompeii). Positano was our first choice, but so far many of the even lesser known alberghi/pensione are quite expensive. Where did you stay? What was the price (and what did it include)? Can you recommend anything under $110 per night (in American $$)? Please let me know soon, as I have to make reservations ASAP. Thanks for your help!

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