Europe in August??

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Europe in August??

My husband and I are planning our first trip to Europe at the end of August (we can't change the dates of our vacation). We've heard from various people that August is a bad time to go to Europe as all the natives take this time to go on vacation, so many sites and monuments are closed. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Are there certain countries to avoid this time of year? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Stick to Northern Europe at this time of year, or mountainous regions. Italy is far too hot and far too crowded. Locals going on holidays won't interrupt sight-seeing; it's only some restaurants or shops that may close down, not "sites and monuments". Not any that I've heard of anyway. Worry about heat, and worry about crowds at this time of year. We found Switzerland lovely in August.
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Since you are traveling at the END of August, there should be no problems. You need to decide where you want to go and what, in particular, you want to see. Good luck.
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Mary Ann
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We were in Europe in 1997 for the first week of August. Driving was terrible in Germany the first day. France was fine, we went to Monets Gardents outside Paris, the D-day beaches then on to Brugge Belgium and Amsterday. Nothing was closed in those areas. However, temperatures were unseasonably warm. We had saved heavier clotes for Amsterdam where 70-73 was suppose to be the high and we had 85 every day. Very few hotels are air conditioned in Amsterdam. We had a great time. This would be consistent with the above that northern Europe is not a problem in August.
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We were in Rome last August. It was hot, but great. Things were crowded but easier to get into. i would not worry about it. Dress cool and have a good time.
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Jane McGuffie Fasce
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Definitly visit all Euopeans fly to exotic parts,

Do try a night or two in the Italian Riviera,
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I traveled to Italy at the end of August in 1995 and had a great time. It was a little hot, but nothing unbearable. Plus it gives you the excuse to eat lots of gelati. We are going back to Europe the last 2 weeks of August this year. I think you are picking a perfect time to go! The sites and monuments shouldn't be closed, maybe some businesses that wouldn't affect your trip anyway.
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dan woodlief
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Travelled in Switzerland and Paris last week of August and first couple of days in September. Switzerland was wonderful. Sure there were quite a few tourists, but I didn't bad at all. The weather was quite warm. Paris is one place that causes concern in August. Many smaller shops and restaurants shut down in August (during various periods), but I don't think you will notice. It is still a small percentage. The monuments, museums, and other sites will all be open as usual. You can avoid crowds by going to sites early or late, and you can find uncrowded places in any city at any time by wandering the backstreets. This also allows you to see the real charm of a place.
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Cheryl Z.
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Betty - We were in No. Italy, Switzerland, Germany in August few years ago. Yes, the Europeans are on vacation, but it wasn't any more crowded or worse than other months it seemed to us. Didn't have any problems with places being closed or anything. We took the train with no problems. Very hot in Italy though, and probably wouldn't choose that month again. We also prefer spring or fall with cheaper air fares. Germany and Switzerland were kinda chilly/rainy in the evenings especially in the mountains. Last year in July we were in Italy, and then another trip in August to Denmark/Norway. Again, no real problems with closures, crowds.
Chilly in Denmark/Norway with Norway experiencing their coldest wettest summer in long time. As I said, normally we'd choose other months but we had specific events we wanted to go to and had to go at these times.
Keep in mind too that many museums, etc are closed on specific days anyway (your guide books should have this info) as well as some closures this year in Italy due to renovations for 2000. Have a terrific trip.


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