Ephesus vs. Pompeii

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Ephesus vs. Pompeii

Trying to figure whether to go to Italy or Greece/Turkey. BOth trips have ruins I'm interested in seeing - has anyone been to these ruins to give me insight?
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I have been to Ephesus...it was fantastic! We only spent one day in Athens...then cruised the Islands, with a couple of stops in Turkey..one of which was Ephesus.
...but Italy is also wonderful.
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I have been to both, Ephesus is much better, much more intact.
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If you haven't been to either country before my choice would be Italy. Besides Pompeii there is Herculaneum, (sp?), Paestum, and everything in Rome.
(Plus, plus)
On the other hand, Turkey is a fascinating experience.. and there are many interesting sites besides Ephesus.
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I've been to both. Ephesus is the winner in my book, perhaps because it was much less crowded and was more involving. Turkey is a fascinating place.
Have a good trip, whichever you choose!
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Hard Choice. I have been to both and I would choose Italy. Besides Pompeii, the museum in Naples has great stuff from Pompeii and I really loved Herculaneum! It is not very far to Paestum and even Agrigento in Sicily from Pompeii. Athens and other areas of Greece have interesting ruins, and I did enjoy Ephesus, so if you can explore areas of Greece, you might find that more enjoyable, but if you are limited by time, transportation, etc, you would probably enjoy Italy more.
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Thanks for the tips! I do have limited time and since I would either fly into Athens or Istanbul I fear it would take too much money and energy to make my way to Ephesus. Ephesus is first on my list though.
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Hi GG, we have been to both, and I think Pompeii was a more complete experience. The Library at Ephesus was incredible however.
I think that Naples and the surrounding area would provide an excellent total holiday. Judy

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