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William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Hold Everything, their kids catalogue, oh yes. So annoying. I still get golf catalogues addessed to my late husband and I have moved since I called all the companies and advised he was deceased. Trees all over America are crying. And since we don't have recycling at my apartment complex so are the wastefills. I have given up trying to get the various companies to stop sending the catalogues.
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Hey luv:

Don't take this the wrong way, and I may have missed the latest news, but isn't it a strict law in California, even in Vacaville, for households to have recycling receptacles or bins that are picked up by a separate re-cycling truck at least once a week ?
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It feels like once you buy anything from any catalog company, you're on every catalog company's mailing list forever. I just toss them immediately as I'm emptying my mailbox. On the positive side, I'm enhancing my upper arm strength by yanking the phone sized ones out and into the trash bin. Every once in a while, when I want to feel like there's a possibility that my life will be organized, clutter-free and perfectly coordinated, I peek at Pottery Barn, Garnet Hill and Williams Sonoma.

There is ONE absolutely fabulous catalog from a company called Wisteria which makes me want to buy every single gorgeous thing in it.
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bill_boy, I thought so also. I was shocked when I moved into my apartment complex and found out that everything goes into the large garbage bins and I do mean everything, newspapers, catalogues, soda cans etc. I can only assume cities have the right to exclude complexes. And I don't know how it works at all the condo complexes. It certainly makes it easier but it isn't very earth friendly.
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The next time you get a catalog you do not want, check to see if there is a postage paid return envelope or card inside. Tape the card or envelope to a brick and mail it to them. They might get the hint after a while.
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It is also amazing what a network these catalog companies have. Once I ordered a t-shirt for a female employee who along with a group of girlfriends had what they called "The Cat Club" basically a once a week drink and gossip group. The t-shirt said "The Cat Club" and had a group of cats on it. For nearly a year I was buried under a sea of catalogs of everything in the world that had cats or related to cats. Once my partner bought his father some golf thing, and within weeks he was on dozens and dozens of golfing mailing lists.
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Well catalogs regarading cats would be better than getting a biweekly catalogue selling support hoisery Neo! I don't know how I got on that list as I hadn't ordered anything for ages except one item from William Sonoma. And I have never ever ordered any item of clothing through a catalogue. So count your blessings, lol!

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LOL...and there are some people who look forward to catalogs. Swap 'em even.
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Just send those cat catalogues to me!
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I am going to save my catalogs for my grandchildren that are home schooled. It will be good Geography lessons for them now and in the future. Great idea.
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Good grief! - according to UNSR taking umbrage at the quantity of junk mail you receive is tantamount to treason!

To think... The House Committee on Un-American Activities must have been a front for Sears, Roebuck & Co.!!
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