Easily offended? Look here first

May 27th, 1999, 06:00 AM
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Easily offended? Look here first

When reading a post, be sure to recognize that anything with which you don't agree is a) wrong and b) intended as an insult to you personally. Disagree strongly and as promptly as possible. Point out spelling errors. Remember that anything you noticed at any point on your travels is a universal truth. If someone seems to be in turn offended by what you've said, don't apologize: Praise your own "forthrightness" and announce that "The truth hurts" or "I gotta be me" or whatever cliche springs to mind. Remember, all those people who keep copious notes and provide detailed replies are on a secret mission of evil intent. Let them know you're on to them. What seems like a helpful suggestion is either malevolent or ignorant: it's up to you to warn the others.
May 27th, 1999, 06:17 AM
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Excellent point, Martha!

Too often we humans forget that there are billions of people on this planet and that each one has his/her own opinion. In addition, we all have times when we are in a hurry or tired and might type too fast and make errors, or, not say something exactly how we mean it (or some take it the wrong way). This doesn't mean we're ignorant, idiotic, or stupid. Disagreeing with someone is no reason to start name calling and discrediting them.

I certainly don't agree with every opinion on this forum nor, I'm sure, does everyone agree with mine. However, to coin another "cliche", we should all just agree to disagree on certain subjects and move on with the business of travel and learning through each others experiences.

Have a great day!
May 27th, 1999, 04:43 PM
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A good point, Martha. I really got turned off on this forum when the backbiting became too much. I sometimes think people deliberately post provocative subjects just to start the whole thing up again. Let's think about what most of us are seeking here--travel advice--not advice on how to live the rest of our lives.
May 27th, 1999, 07:41 PM
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Backbiting? I think this forum is downright polite compared to the Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree site. Most of the time anyway.
May 27th, 1999, 10:29 PM
Martha B
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Kam-- I wondered what happened to you. you used to do great posts on Italy. Hope you're giving the forum another try.

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