Double beds???

May 26th, 2001, 05:22 PM
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Double beds???

Are double beds in Paris 2 twins pushed together or a standard double? I am confused by some of the photos I am seeing! A double looks like 2 twins to me! No such thing as a king or quenn in Paris?
May 26th, 2001, 05:24 PM
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The European way is to push two twins together to make a double. The newer hotels have double, queen, king.
May 26th, 2001, 05:50 PM
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Don't confuse the "room type" with a description of the bed. A "double" is a room for two. Beds may be twins, a "full size" (double), or, rarely, a queen or king. If bed type is important to be sure and clearly specify what you want, and be sure the hotel specifies what you'll be getting.

While there are exceptions, we find, in general, that "double" rooms in Europe more often contain a pair of twins that a single bed for two.

May 26th, 2001, 06:45 PM
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ALWAYS ask questions about the type of bed arrangement the room has if this is a concern. Usually a double is a single double bed (not a king, nor a queen, a double - if you are used to a larger bed this is not for you!!). To be on the safe side we always ask for a twin-bedded room for two people (be very specific about that). That way no one ends up sleeping half out of the bed because it's a double & there is not enough room!! Frequently some hotels will have the twin beds pushed together,while it's not a real king it allows for sleeping closer together if that is the question! You can also shove them farther apart too.
We've traveled a lot in Europe and really it's difficult to find a king or queen size bed -- a few places may have them but I would never in a million years count on it. Just ask questions and be very specific.
May 26th, 2001, 07:33 PM
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My experience has not been that the newer hotels have double beds and not the older ones; in fact, I think it's the opposite. Double beds have been around a bazillion years in Paris in hotels (std double size like a US std double bed); only when people (probably Americans, just my suspicion) have started wanting queen or king size beds have they started pushing two twins together and calling it a queen or king in a lot of hotels to appeal to that market. It can be especially hard to find a real double bed rather than two twins pushed together in shortterm rental aparments in Paris--they usually claim this is a double or queen bed in literature, but often it isn't, and you have to pin them down on specifics. If you don't want two twins pushed together (and I do not, I don't find that an acceptable alternative to a double), you really have to question them if they say they have a queen or kingsize bed to find out if it really is one bed or two twins pushed together. You can buy queen and king size beds in France now as I've looked for mattresses in French stores, and some more recently refurbished or renovated (and usually more expensive) hotels do have them, but I've found lots of hotels have the two twins pushed together as that gives them dual options of renting the room. If you don't care that much about two twins pushed together, you only have to be concerned if you really want twin beds to make sure you get them if you book a double room (twin-bedded rooms are usually a little more than the same room with a double bed). I have never heard the term "full size" in Europe, and I find double rooms without twins to be much more common than twin-bedded rooms, so I guess I am going to different hotels than others are who find the opposite. I tend to go to smaller, older budget hotels without a large American clientele, maybe that's why.
May 26th, 2001, 08:05 PM
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Rita, we had the same problem in Europe, with my husband and I ending up with twin beds, or two singles pushed together and you get a rude shock when you jump into your "double" bed. (Mind you, we had this happen in Hawaii as well.) We ended up asking for one-bed-for-two-people and this seemed to be understood. The biggest bed we ever had was a double, never queen or king,and once in Rome we had a "double" that was actually two-thirds the size of a double bed - very squashy for two but we just put up with for one night and were very cosy!

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