Don't go to Greece

Old Nov 29th, 2001, 02:13 PM
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Don't go to Greece

This is the first time I have ever had to warn people from one EU country, please don't slag me of you only have to pick up tomorrows paper to say I am right....

Tourists have no rights in Greek law and are treated unfairly. I know and have seen a few cases now where tourist have been on the wrong side of the greek law for what ever reason and with trial already declared GUILTY, this is a country that should be in the EU with human rights NO way!!

Just look at the way they are treating the 12 plane spotters (no I am not one) these holiday makers have been holed up in a crowed dirty cell where they are only allowed out twice a day to eat the toilet is a hole in the floor and they have a very thin matress i could go on... These people are not spies they are tourist who should be bring money into the Greek tourist industry.

Unfortunaley Greece has many beautiful regions, however it takes one simple thing over there and they are a law to themselfs. Not even Tony Blair could help you and our foreign office don't even want to know

Maybe you are going or looking into going my advice to you is, stay in the hotel, and don't socailise with any one you don't know WHY recently one couple got put in jail for talking to another couple they had met out there who got arrested for possing drugs. This couple did'nt even know and were found guilty and given 2 years in jail

Tell me one other countrys in the EU that does this???? have a good holiday


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L. Pardalakis
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Dear Sir

I respond to your e-mail dated: 11/29/2001, 05:13 pm.
Because 'the truth' is not only what you read, see, and hear in the UK media.
To find out the truth you have to look at both sides of the story and, unfortunately,
like most people who read the British newspapers, you didn’t bother to
research into the truth. Let me give you some of the facts which your
British media didn’t bother to inform you about.

First, the Greek law is the same for all the residents and visitors in Greece,
no matter if they're tourists, business men, Greek, British or Chinese.

Second, after the 11th of September, security was on high alert all
over Greece and especially around military bases (the same all over the world).

Third, the “plane spotters“ had very unusual equipment with them,
not just the cameras (which were allowed to be taken with them in the air base -
but only in the specific area of the base where the exhibition was being held).
They had a GPS (Global Position System) in their posession. What did they
need it for? Maybe to find the exact position of the air base buildings on the map?
And maybe to collect information about the infrastructure of the area?
And guess what, the photographs found on their film were mostly of
buildings and not of aeroplanes in the exhibition. They also had a
frequency scanner with them. WHY?? Maybe to hear the conversations
between aeroplanes and the control tower?

Did you know that the previous month the team leader of the
“plane spotters” had visited the Turkish Officer in Command in
the air base in Insirlik, Turkey? WHY?? Was this just coincidental?

I’m not saying that all of them were spying, however the evidence
seems strong that 1or 2 of them there working for someone, but not
necessarily the UK - another country perhaps.

You wrote: “Tourists have no rights in Greek law and are treated unfairly”.
This is not true. The truth is that some tourists bring crime with them.
Not all of them respect the local culture and law. You just have to
look at the statistics for percentage of crime in Greece and crime in UK.
You can take isolated incidents from any Eurpean country, look at them
only from the media reportage in the UK and blow them out of proportion
to warn people off visiting that country. But the fact is that of the 10 million
people who visit Greece every year, the vast majority love Greece,
find they are welcomed very nicely and are treated very fairly by Greek law.

Finally, let me explain something: Greece is a FULL MEMBER of
the EU. The UK is NOT yet a full member of the EU as the UK hasn’t
accepted the Euro yet.



PS: Learn to search for the truth. Don't just reproduce lies.
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GPS locators can no longer be considered strange or unusual devices.Many of my "techno-geek" friends carry them. They even use them to play games where they hunt dowm prizes left by others at certain positions.
I'm sure if this guy was spying for Turkey he wouldn't be seen meeting with a high official.
The conduct of the Greek autorities in this case is way overboard.
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In general, I like the Greek people a lot. Their gov'ernment is another matter, however.

Friends of mine in the US State Dept. swear that that Greek government overlooks terrorism and crime because so many Greek legislators have connections to terrorists and criminals.
Old Jan 10th, 2002, 12:47 PM
John G
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Schlomo, I have news for you. Many AMERICAN legislators ARE criminals and terrorists!!
Old Jan 10th, 2002, 02:39 PM
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Lefteris, I think you're misinformed about EU structure. Participation in the single currency and ratification of Schengen, among other principles, are not compulsory - this flexibility is necessary in order to allow the EU to continue to function and to repect the separate histories of its constituent members as integration proceeds. (See for additional information on this subject.) The UK is a full member of the EU and, as far as the common currency is concerned, simply has not yet voted to participate - which is a reasonable position if you study the confluence of interest rates among the EU members versus the UK.

Other than that, I agree with your post.

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