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Recently we took the family to the Millennium Dome we had a fantastic day. We went on a friday during school term, taking the kids out of school for one day didn't hurt especially as they was learning something.
when we arrived there was the expected que for the body so we carried on and went to everything that we wanted to. We took a packed lunch and had this while we watched the show which was fantastic, we didn't waste time going to see the Black Adder show
but went back to look at the things we really enjoyed. When the second show was about to start thats when we went to visit the body, we thought it was closed, there was not one person queing it was brill.
So if you've been to the Dome and been disappointed with constant queing dont be put off please go back when the kids are back at school. you'll be glad you did.
Old Feb 23rd, 2000, 03:29 PM
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Call me a dumb Yank, but after all the hype and controversy about the Dome over the last two years and seeing all the pictures, etc., I have yet to understand what is inside. Could someone explain what there is there? What kind of "show" or experience. And is it a day or half day affair??? Thanks. Will be in London two weeks in May and definitely want to go.
Old Feb 26th, 2000, 03:58 AM
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Dear Patrick really glad to hear that you are coming to England in May just dont miss going to the dome. You need to spend the whole day at the dome 10.00am to 6.00pm its very tiring but worth every minute im not going to tell you whats in the dome because i dont want to spoil it for you but what i will say is when you go you might not get around to see everything but you must go into The Planet and The body they where my favorite zones but everything was just mind blowing.
Take a packed lunch and eat it while you watch the show take a back pack and dont waste any time and wear comfy shoes
im sure you'll have a great day.
p.s Email me and let me know how it went .
regards Sandra
Old Mar 3rd, 2000, 06:05 PM
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Come on, puh'leese give us some info on the dome. Is it like Epcot Center at Disney or what. Educational while being entertaining and inspirational or what?? I can't quite get a handle on it.
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Just got back from Orlando, FL and I have to admit the explanation (and everything I've read) about the dome sounds incredibly familiar to the "Future World" section of EPCOT (the Land, the Imagination, etc.) It seems that the dome is segmented into various parts and each part represents something like the body, the mind, etc. I'll be going to London in June, but I'm not convinced yet that this is worth a precious day.....if I have to choose between Westminster Abbey and the Dome, I have to say that the Abbey gets my vote any day. Course, if you've been to London and have already seen everything, perhaps it's worth a look-see?
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maryann hensinger
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i was at the dome last week with my family. we really enjoyed it. it is definitely an all day trip. we got there at around 10:30 and still didn't get to see everything. i agree about seeing the zones with the longest lines while thet show is going on.....we walked right in to many zones without waiting....
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Try Rick Steve's site -- he has a report about visiting the dome. It probably isn't fair to compare it to Disney. (I've not seen it myself, but Disney is a pretty hard act to trump.) If you've never been to England, you might want to focus on the historic and cultural sites instead. But if you are a repeat visitor, go for it!

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