Do We DARE.......

Feb 13th, 2002, 06:49 PM
Traveling girl
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Do We DARE.......

go to the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany without reservations? We will be there the middle of March. We have a car.
Appreciate your thoughts,
Feb 13th, 2002, 07:16 PM
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Sure, but why? You prefer to let other people get the first choices of the best places to stay at the best prices?

And settle for what's been picked over, and use your vacation time going from one place to another hoping you will find something that suits you, when a better place is just around the bend - - if you had only known, by researching ahead, a bit?

I know this sounds cynical, and smart-alecky - - but it gives you my perspective on why it doesn't appeal to me.

Benefitting from what others can share with you here - - so much preferable as I see it.

Best wishes,

and I really do mean that...

Feb 14th, 2002, 10:20 AM
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I have a different opinion than Rex. During most of our trips we do not book ahead other than first and last night. We prefer to not set an agenda, and kinda let the wind blow us. It has worked out spendidly. I realize that it is not for everyone. I do some research before we leave but over all it has turned out great. But I am not picky about hotels, etc., as long as they are clean, heck, I'm not there for the hotel. We've never not found a place, and most times on the first try.
Amalfi is a smaller or condensed area, so I might think twice about that, but not Tuscany.
Feb 14th, 2002, 10:54 AM
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Well I have done it both ways, and my opionion is that it all depends upon how tight your budget is, and how important your hotel/time is.
When you book ahead, you have the luxury of breezing into a town, going to your hotel, dropping off your bags, and headingo out to see the sights. Rather then spending potentially hours trying to find a hotel.
Also, in my experience, booking ahead allows me a great deal more control over cost, location and amenities.
We are usually on a budget, and everytime we've been without reservations, we've ended up paying way more then we would have had we booked in advance. Further I like to be in a place that is centrally located, usually close to a park or place for me to run, or sometimes with a view..if yuo care about things like this you should book in advance.
Of course just winging it can bring some unexpected surprises and delights and does free you up in terms of itinerary. Just be doubly sure that no local festivals, conventions or events happen to be taking place in a town you want to stay in or you may find yourselves out of luck.
IMHO, I prefer to book ahead.
Feb 14th, 2002, 11:10 AM
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In peak tourist season you may want to book ahead. However, I really don't think mid-March will be a problem.

I, like Dee, prefer to have the freedom and flexibilty of not having to be in a certain place by a certain time. I've had some wonderful experiences (dinner with a Napoli family in Cinque Terre, Kayaking in the Ausrian Alps, staying with a family in Germany, an unplanned trip to Spain with someone I met, etc.) because I was able to stay longer, or go to a destination that I had not originally planned on.

In 15+ years I've travel, I've honestly never had trouble finding a lovely place to stay, and it never took hours. Just a few phone calls. Keep in mind, I only once traveled in a true peak season.

I was in Tuscany last April, and was able to stay in all my first choice hotels. And I'm a budget gal. I do, however, recommend calling ahead when you have an idea when you'll be in town, instead of just showing up.

It really depends on your personal style. Do you prefer the security of knowing where you'll be each day and time, or would you like your itinerary to be open to freedom and wonderful, unexpected surprises?
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