Do they sell Dannon yogurt in Paris?

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Do they sell Dannon yogurt in Paris?

I know this sounds like a crazy question, but I'm allergic to most milk products but I can for some reason tolerate Dannon yogurt. Do they sell it in Paris? I assume they sell soy yogurt?
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Dannon is owned by Groupe Danone S.A., a publicly traded corporation headquartered in Paris. You will have no trouble finding the company's products in Paris.
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Yes, but the French yogurt seems a lot richer so you might want to double check the content before eating it. Don't assume the product is the same as in the States.
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Yes, but it's a lot better in Paris.
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Are you actually allergic or just lactose intolerant?
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Are you allergic to all dairy products, or just American dairy? (I'm assuming from your screen name that you're American.) I have an allergy to either bovine growth hormone or the antibiotics they give to cows in the US, but I can eat organic and non-US dairy without problems.
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If you visit any large supermarket in Paris you'll find a
yoghourt section that will boggle your mind - and there
will be a very substantial selection of Danone products.
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Just remember that the yogurt is made differently in every country to cater to local preferences. A Danone yogurt in France will not be the same as Dannon in the U.S.

There is plenty of soy yogurt.
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Great question thursdaysd - I noticed years ago that I can have milk products when I'm visiting my relatives' farm in Ireland - I thought maybe it had something to do with drinking unpastuerized milk, but maybe it's the additives in it! I'll try organic milk here! It's a good idea anyway - it must cause major problems to be ingesting bovine growth hormone... like putting on weight, for starters! Great question Seamus - I'd say I'm lactose intolerant. Maybe I should bring some lactaid. I started eating the Dannon yogurt after taking several courses of antibiotics, but maybe the yogurt in France will be made with a different starter, or if it's richer that might be a problem. I am seriously addicted to it now, though. Last time I went to Ireland, a much shorter flight for me, I packed enough in my suitcase (no problem going through customs). I can't imagine doing that now - we have a 9-hour flight to Germany then another flight to Paris. Guess I'll take some lactaid, and take my chances on trying different French Dannon yogurts!
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I wish I honestly thought that bovine growth hormone were the real cause of people being overweight.
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If you're allergic to the French yogurts, then try Sojasun the soya yogurt (I am not advertising, that's pretty much the only brand for that type of product). It is available in most supermarkets, certainly in Monoprix (though I haven't been recently so maybe somebody else can confirm).
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