Day Trip to Cardiff

Aug 17th, 1999, 03:24 PM
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Day Trip to Cardiff

Has anyone used their Britrail pass to go to Cardiff, Wales for the day? If so, was it worth the trip? Any recommedations on how to enjoy the day? I understand the trip is less than two hours. thanks for any responses
Aug 17th, 1999, 06:07 PM
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We traveled by train from London to Cardiff several years ago for the day just to say we did. My friend's grandfather who died before she was born was from Wales, and she wanted to go there. I'm not sorry we went, but I feel like we really didn't have enough time to get a feel for the place. We visited the castle there and had tea at a small restaurant. The train trip was not bad at all, but we didn't leave London until 11:00 AM, having missed at least one other train at 10:00. If you could spend longer than we did there, I'd say go.
Aug 18th, 1999, 02:20 AM
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I went to Cardiff for my first trip to Wales, in the city centre besides the Castle, there are many attraction sites nearby. The city hall is the landmark, the national museum of Wales. The other main attraction area is the Cardiff Bay, you will find many landmark buildings there.
Although it is the capital, but many people don't speak Welsh, if you would like to hear the language you have to go in the north.
Welcome to Caerdydd.
Aug 18th, 1999, 01:44 PM
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Went last year with my wife. Enjoyed the ride and the views. We saw the castle which was ok but the best was when we took a train from cardiff to Carphilly, about 1/2 hour away to visit one of the most impressive castles around. Take an early train from London and a late one from Cardiff.
Aug 18th, 1999, 03:26 PM
Bill Irving
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I have taken a day trip to Cardiff, via Britrail a couple of times. I really have enjoyed going there. The people I have come in contact with there are really nice. Have taken the 8am train to Cardiff. Have visited the Castle & taken the guided tour as well as walking through the other parts of the castle. Have done some shopping at the stores across the street from the Castle. Then walked over to the Queen's Street train station in Cardiff & as as been mentioned before, took the 15 minute train ride to Caerphilly. Caerphilly Castle is my favorite castle (as well as my 12 yr old son's favorite.) You can walk thru the village from the station to the Castle. On your way to the Castle you can stop at the Court House restaurant/puIt is a white building that is slightly back from the street). The food there is really good (it was recommended by a local) & there is a 2 story window at the back of the restaurant that gives you a fantastic view of the castle.(If your ever watch the History or Discovery channels on TV, they occasionally have shows about medieval weapons & castles, & Caerphilly castle is a part of that.) We tour the castle, walk back to the train station & take it thru to Cardiff Central station & then back to London. Get back to London usually about 6:30pm to 7pm.
Aug 18th, 1999, 04:58 PM
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This forum is wonderful. I will definitely go to Cardiff for the day. Thanks to all who answered and to anyone else who has some ideas about this day trip.

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