choose between Greece and Italy

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choose between Greece and Italy

I would like to hear from people that have been to both Greece and Italy. Did you prefer one over the other? Has anyone not liked Greece?
I've been to Italy and loved it, and can't
make up my mind to either go back or go to Greece.
I'd appreciate your opinions. Thanks.
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Greece has gorgeous countryside I was especially impressed by the north but the country lacks nice cities. Athens is not very attractive and is extremely chaotic, which you may or may not find appealing. Given the choice I would probably choose Italy every time. It is just such a diverse country with distinct regions and lovely cities (except Milan). I would probably choose Tuscany alone over Greece. But they are both great and a trip to either country is definetly rewarding.
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Hi Susan,

Keep in mind that the Olympic Games will be held in Greec this year.
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They are very different, of course, and had you not been to Italy already, I would recommend going there first.
We've been to Greece twice, and I cannot imagine anyone not having a good time there; it was just so much fun! It seemed especially "exotic" and therefore appealing to me since it is the most eastern European country I have been to, and there definitely was an eastern flavor to it. Athens may be chaotic, but I wouldn't want to miss it.

All this said, I don't know how the 2004 summer Olympics being held there will affect tourism this summer; I would not choose this year to "do Greece."
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I enjoyed my time in Greece but would pick Italy. Of course I would always pick Italy over any other country! Athens isn't a very nice city but I still enjoyed being there. The food is great and the countryside very interesting. Four years ago the prices were much better in Greece than in Italy but I'm not sure if that is still true.
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"In Greece there are ruins; it Italy it's still here." I love both countries but for different reasons. I would say if you haven't yet been to Greece you should do so, not only to the "classical" sites such as Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus, and Corinth, but also to some of the islands.
The fact that the Olympics will be held there this year doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't may, or may not, want to avoid Athens during a particular period of time...I think Athens is great for seeing the major historical sites which you can do in a couple of days and then try to escape the exhaust fumes for the beautiful countryside and smaller towns.
Then again, seeing the Olympics in Athens and around may be just the thing you would like. Unfortuantely, for some folks on this board when things get a little too, shall we say, "edgy" they quickly retreat to the nearest non-chain hotel and breath a sigh of relief that they have again avoided those dreaded "tourists."
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We haven't been to Greece for sometime but loved it when we went. We spent a couple of days in Athens, four days touring islands, and then another couple days in Athens before returning home. At that time, it was the country I wanted to visit most and I wasn't disappointed.

We also have been on several trips to Italy and it probably is our favorite country at this point, but since you have already been there (you can't go too many times in my opinion) I would advise going to Greece this time. As others have noted, the Olympics will be held in Athens and my only negative thought about that is finding a hotel at this stage and if Athens is like most Olympic hosts, prices for everything will be astronomical.

Difficult decision for you, but the nice part of your dilemma is that you probably can't go wrong whichever you choose.
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I am headed in August for my 4th trip to Italy, I've been to Greece twice. I haven't been to Greece since 8/02, and miss it very much. The last trip to Italy and the next trip has to do with seeing family, but if it wasn't for that I would have chosen Greece this summer.

I find the beaches in Greece far better than those in Italy, if that's a factor. Cape Sounion, the Acropolis, Delos, Meteora are all so memorable. The scenery in Greece lingers in my mind (especially the islands), and although I love beautiful Italy it does not have the same effect on me (that I'm obviously not so great at pinpointing). Since you've been to Italy you should try Greece!
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I would also choose Italy. I spent 9 days in Greece. We went to Athens, Rhodes and took the boat over to southern Turkey. Last year I travelled to Italy for the first time and I CAN'T WAIT to go back!!! I have travelled extensively and by far loved Italy the most.

The reasons I prefered Italy:
The people were friendly (in Greece they were not); the food was EXCELLENT (Greece was OK); the abundance of museums and ruins in Italy was amazing; overall, Italy has it all!! Greece was unorganized - I personally can't beleive Athens can even sponsor an Olympic event. I wouldn't go... everything in Greece seemed like such a disorganized some cities we couldn't get a cab in Greece. The cabs were there, but when you told them where you wanted to go - they would just say "No - I don't want to go there". This happend repeatedly to us in Greece. It was pretty strange. I do have to say that Greece was beautiful and it isn't that I did not enjoy the trip, I just enjoyed Italy SO MUCH MORE!! In Italy we went to Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Siena and Portifino. Have I sold you yet???
Good luck on what ever trip you choose.
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My experience is similar to mgfit. Greece was okay, but I did not care for the food, the people were not friendly, and it is chaotic. The one exception for me was Crete. I would go back there in a second. It has beautiful countryside, nice small towns, great hiking and even some ancient ruins to see. Loved it. Probably wouldn't go back to any other part of Greece though.

Turkey, on the other hand, I'd return to in a heartbeat and probably would prefer it to Italy. More exotic, much cheaper, very friendly people, great cities, beautiful countryside and beaches. It has it all!
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Susan, I could have written your post a year ago! I, too, love Italy, and every chance I get I want to go there. Something about that country pulls at my core (and I'm Polish--imagine that!) I had an opportunity last summer to spend an extra week in one of the two countries following a tour, and I was so close to going back to Italy again....but, I decided to try a new place. It was wonderful!! Has it replaced Italy in my heart? No way. But...the majestic mountains, the magnificent monasteries, and of course, the islands! The color blue has never been so pure. I found the people very friendly (and I was there during the busy July season), the food was delicious and OH SO cheap! The views from Oia (on Santorini) are just indescribable. If you love water and sun, go to the Greek Islands at least once. Italy will still be there, waiting for your next trip.
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