Checked luggage

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Checked luggage

To lock or not to lock....that is the question. Leaving for Paris next week. Does checked luggage have to remain unlocked for inspections? I have always had locks on my checked baggage. I have not been airborne since new security measures. If you have flown recently, can you help me out on this one? Thanks.
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my luggage was locked whenever i travelled. I just came back from 3 weeks in europe...basically i have not seen much of custom officers asking ppl to open their luggage for inspection except those for flights bound for US. Hand carried luggage are rarely asked to be inspected.
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always lock your luggage.Security will ask you has it been locked all the time and it will probably cause more trouble if you left it unlocked. believe me they don't find it an inconvenience to wait a few moments longer to open a secure suitcase.
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Mary Ann
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I guess the question is the purpose of the lock and is the suitcase soft or hard sided.
We use to lock our soft side luggage when we traveled. Then in 1997 flying Northwest and KLM to Munich when the luggage arrived the lock had been cut off and was tagged "inspected by NWA". After that, we decided to not lock. Let's face it, if someone really wants to get in (with soft side) they can get in or just take the whole suitcase.
We never put valuables (passports, credit cards, jewelry, itinerary, confirmations, toileteries, prescriptions, etc) in checked luggage. After 2 more trips to Europe and one trip to Australia/NZ we have been fortunate to have never lost anything, including the luggage. We always keep it in our possession until checked. I guess someone could put something in after that, but if they are intent on doing that, I doubt if a lock would stop them.
Have a wonderful trip!
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I use soft-sided luggage so the ony purpose for a lock is to keep the zipper from coming undone enroute. I've found a great substitue though -- those twist ties from the supermarket I always travel with a handful now
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But obviously not for typing

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