Check your change

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Check your change

My husband and I have just returned from Italy, travelling with another couple. One thing (sadly) I would recommend. Do count your change, make sure you are getting the correct lire back that you are owed, and also check the bill to make sure that the items are correct. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, there were additional items on the bills that we had not ordered. We also noticed first hand, and viewed another table while it was happening, incidents where the correct change was not given. In the instance we noticed at a Venice cafe, the waiter engaged the two couples who were paying in lively conversation as he was returing their change. Stopping halfway, he was obviously waiting to see if the gentlemen was going to put the money away without counting or paying attention. When that was not the case, after a few minutes of convesation, the waiter continued to count out the rest of the change. Trust me, it was obvious to us that this waiter was trying to pull a fast one. After 11 days in Italy this was certainly the exception; and while there are dishonest waiters everywhere, one should remember to be vigilent and attentive when dealing with a foreign language and currency.
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We experienced the "slow count" in Rome, once at a Metro ticket booth and again at the ticket booth for the Castel Sant' Angelo. In Alberobello, we gave the Post Office clerk our postcards and money for the stamps. For our convenience he told us he'd put the stamps on, guess what?
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Sadly this is not only a "foriegn" scam. I am an American and a couple years ago was at the most "apple pie" place in the good old USA, Walt Disney World. A non english speaking couple bought an ice cream bar from a vendor and I saw them give him a $100.00 bill for a $2.50 ice cream. He gave them change for a $10.00 bill. I challenged him and he admitted his "mistake". Seems to happen all over. How sad!!!
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When I exchanged money at the Rome airport 2 years ago, I did not count my change and was shortchanged a lot. I barely had money for my cab and had to find an ATM right away. It was Christmas and I figured the guy needed to give his family a better-than-usual Christmas. It didn't spoil my 14-day-cruise, but I learned my lesson.
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I forgot; the same day before I found an ATM, my late husband and I found a bar which took credit cards so he could have a snack (diabetic). They told us their machine was broken and we paid cash. It was also on my credit card bill. It wasn't much but it was irritating. We were in Rome only 24 hours and were scammed twice!

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