Check In at JFK

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Check In at JFK

I am leaving tomorrow and have yet another last minute question....

I have flown before but never overseas.

We are flying JFK to CDG on American Airlines - what are the check in procedures at the airport? AA customer service rep did not tell me much.

Ususally, since we always carry on, we go right to the gate and avoid the big lines out front. I have a feeling this is not the case with overseas flights.

Can anyone tell me what the procedures are?


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You need to check in at the desk, because they check your passport. Actually, I supose you could do that at the gate desk, but it's usually better to take care of it at the front desk. Hand the ticket agent your passport along with your ticket. That's about the only thing that's different than flying in the US. At the other end, you'll go through immigration first, and then customs. Usually, customs is just walking through a corridor marked "Nothing to Declare" (assuming you have nothing to declare). It's unlikely you'll be stopped, but some people are. Just be polite and answer questions directly. I've made the trip about 15 times and have never been stopped in customs. My husband has, but only because he was carrying a huge white leather golf bag for a friend.

Get there about 2 hours early--that's the recommended time. I'm sure some people will tell you that you don't need that much time, but lines can get so long in the summer, and it's better to be early than late.
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Thanks so much Ann.

That was just what I needed to know.

Now to count down the hours....30 more til take off!
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Better call American to find out the weight limit on carry-on bags---we just flew Virgin Atlantic to London and they had a 13 lb limit--not a lot !
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Thank you for the suggestion - thought I'd share the answer...

American to CDG - can check 2 carry on 1, or check 1 and carry on 2 - maximum carry on weight 40 lbs.

FYI - they said due to heightened security at CDG you can only carry on one bag leaving CDG to go anywhere.

24 hrs 45 mins left.

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