Change dollars in US or in Italy

Oct 20th, 1998, 09:27 AM
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Change dollars in US or in Italy

Help! I'm leaving at 2:00 today. Will I be able to pay for a cab ride in US dollars or should I change some money at the airport???
Oct 20th, 1998, 09:51 AM
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Well, nothing like waiting until the last minute. To be honest, I haven't been to Italy, but I have never been
anywhere in the world where a cab would
accept American dollars except in 3rd
world countries where the local money
is worthless outside the country -- then
they love American dollars (eg, Hungary
and Egypt). I don't understand why you would expect to be able to use American money in a foreign country. Anyway, my advice is to exchange money
at the airport, but not in the US, in Italy.You don't need to do this here -- airport exchanges never give good rates, but they are as good or better in Europe than the ones in US airports. Also, first try to get local cash out of an ATM in the Italian airport, assuming you have an ATM card, and that will also
solve your problems with a better
exchange rate.
Oct 20th, 1998, 09:52 AM
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You should change some money at the airport.
Oct 21st, 1998, 01:06 PM
Don Stadler
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When travelling to Italy, Greece, or the Iberian countries (I would imagine) I prefer to have several plans, because the ATM may not work all the time in these countries.

It's not a bad idea to go over with some travellers checks, a credit card, and perhaps $50 in the countries currency in case the ATM takes a powder. My Mastercard always worked at times when the ATM wouldn't, perhaps because Mastercard validates these transactions in Europe whereas the ATM has to go to the US and many things can go wrong.

Incompatible ATM cards aren't limited to US-Europe transfers. My Italian ATM card wouldn't work in Munich for a time. Luckily I could exchange cash Lira for Dmarks after waiting for the train station exchange to open!
Nov 11th, 1998, 10:39 PM
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I realize this reply is late, but perhaps there is still some benefit in it. I have found when traveling almost anywhere in Europe that the best way to get cash is with your ATM card. Although there is usually a small ATM service fee, you pay no interest (as on a cash withdrawal with a credit card), there are almost always machines at the airports, train stations, and throughout the cities, and you get the best exchange rate. It also keeps you from having to cash to much money at a time. And when you get home, you have a good record of your cash withdrawals listed on your bank statement.

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