Cell Phones or Phone Cards?

Old Oct 9th, 2000, 10:25 AM
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Cell Phones or Phone Cards?

We are traveling to France this month and
would like to know what CellPhones you can
rent? Is it reliable, and Simple, and not so
expensive? Is the Phone Card better...
I call very often to U.S.
Thank You.
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 11:44 AM
Bob Brown
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I have not rented a cell phone, so I cannot compare costs. But using a phone card is simple and easy because the telecarte is easy to purchase and phone booths, where the telephone is inside of a glass booth with a door that shuts, are all over Paris. That way there is nothing to return or to keep up with. The only thing you don;t have is the equipment to receive calls while you walk around. Given the 6 hour time difference between here and there, I had to pick my spots to call anyhow.
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 12:12 PM
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I recently rented a multiband cell phone that works both in the states and in Europe. It cost me $20.00/week. I was on a loose schedule and had not made all advance reservations so it came in very handy on my trip.
I don't have the phone no with me but if you are interested e-mail me and I' get the phone no and e-mail address for you.
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 12:35 PM
Bob Brown
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Hi Art. I am interested. How much did you have to pay for international calls?
I did not try to figure the cost because I was calling regardless. So I just shut my eyes and dialed, so to speak.
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The obvious advantage of a cell phone is the ability for others to call you. And Sjoerd recently confirmed here that buying a phone in Europe may be one of the best options available.

I'll bring up his thread about it.
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 02:57 PM
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I recently returned from London, Paris and Rome, and I didn't do all that well with telephoning to the States. I did not bring my phone company calling card and didn't research the U.S. prices. I just figured I'd buy phone cards in Europe.

I had a few problems. My phone card would run out in mid-conversation, and there often wasn't a place to get another one right then. And of course, I returned home with cards with who-knows-how-much worth of calling still left on them. Also, I couldn't figure out how much I was paying. The card gave me a certain number of "units" for the price of the card. A unit is not a minute. So the cost was a mystery to me, and even my French friend didn't know what a unit was.

But on the bright side, the cards did work, and they worked especially well for local calls.
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 04:51 PM
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You can rent an international cell phone
in the US and take it with you. The company name Record Phone International 732-617-2100. The rates are great, give them a call, they fed-ex the phone to you before you leave.It's only $20 a week plus the calls.

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