Cell phone rentals

Old Aug 17th, 2000, 07:49 AM
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Cell phone rentals

Does anyone know how or where to rent a cell phone in Italy? Thanks
Old Aug 17th, 2000, 08:08 AM
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You can rent an international cell phone in the U.S. and take it with you. The company name Record Pone Intl 732-617-2100. The rates are great give them a call, they fed-ex phone to you.
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From the New York Times, 7/9/00: "Companies in the US like International Mobile Communications offers rentals of cell phones ("WorldCell") to passengers going abroad. In July 2000 it costs $75 for the first week, $50 for each extra week. International calls on these phones can be charged to a calling card or to a WorldCell calling plan. For info, call in the US
888 967 5323 or Voicestream also has a rental plan for $29 per week (July 2000) including overnight delivery and prepaid return of the phone. A large $freeze is put on the client's credit card against return of the phone and payment of call charges. Contact 877 666-4246 or
In most countries that use GSM technology (most of Europe and the Middle East), you can locally rent inexpensive cell phones with prepaid calling cards. The webiste lists service providers."
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I'm leaving for Italy in a few weeks and renting a phone from Omnipoint. They offer the best pricing out of the several rental companies I researched. Only $49 a month and no charges for Fedex delivery of the phone. Call charges are just as expensive as everyone else though.
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Thanks Danielle, I just got a fax from Record Phone Intl and will be renting from them. They are by far the least expensive that I looked at and the phone works both in the US and in Europe with just a switch change. At $20.00/week they are really affordable.
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Can you buy pre-pay mobiles in mainland Europe? In the UK, $90 buys you a phone and a bunch of free calls. When you run out of call time, you buy more in a shop (almost ANY shop). When you don't want the phone any more, you dispose of it. No contract, no hassle, no problem. Admittedly it's £4 a minute to the US ($6)!

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