Catching a cold on a plane

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Catching a cold on a plane

It happens to many of us that a few days after our vacations begin that we come down with a cold. Most likely this occurs because of being cooped up on a plane, with the germs circulating.

I was wondering if anyone has taken Remdex before a vacation and then for a few days afterwards, and if it works? If not that, other than packing nasal decongestants, using antihistamines and saline sprays on a flight, and taking these products afterwards, what else can you do?
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Use those hand sanitizers during the flight, while on vacation (especially after using public transportation like a metro) and on the way home. Have yet to get sick during a vacation, knock on wood.
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Do not use the pillow on the plane and keep that blanket away from your face! Take a shawl or something and use that instead...wash your hands a lot..or use those little wipes. Good luck-
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Turn off the nozzle that blows air on you. Use handwipes to clean the armrests and tray tables. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, and open the lock with a paper towel; wipe the toilet seat with a handwipe, and turn the flush handle with a paper towel. Drink lots of water and juice; suck on zinc or Vitamin C drops. Saline solutions for both your eyes and nose. Be in good health before you take your trip. Use spray water for your face (and inhale it to keep those nasal passages nice and moist).
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Buy the gadget Sharper Image sells. I felt rather foolish with this thing hanging around my neck but everyone else I had travelled with came down with something a day or two after we landed- except me. This is very unusual, as I'm usually the one to catch whatever first. It's an air purifier. I also agree with taking along the sani-wipes and wiping down all arm rests, etc. Definately do not use the blankets and pillows.
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I'm a nurse
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This sounds weird but it works:
Put some vasoline up inside your nostrils frequently on the plane. you catch the cold virus because your nasal mucosa changes in the atmosphere up there then add the airborne germs of 400 people in an enclosed space. Wash your hands alot and drink lots of fluids. I doubt any remedies will work.
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You could wear one of those paper masks and scare everyone else away
They do that a lot in Asia.
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John G
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At least you caught your cold AFTER you flew. Do you know how lucky you are not to have flown WITH a cold? It is a fate worse than having to wear KMART shoes for a year.

I have never caught a cold from flying. I wonder what I am doing right.
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maybe you're stressed out?? i've flown dozens of times and have never gotten a cold. chill out and take lots of vitamin C before you go. Don't smoke and lose extra weight and you should be fine.
Old Mar 5th, 2002, 12:33 AM
Posts: n/a take a warm shirt and drink lots of water

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