Carry on Cameras

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Carry on Cameras

I haven't flown internationally know the date..
and I wonder if there will be problems carrying on my camera equipment. This will be a working holiday. I normally carry on all my equipment. It's large a bulky..tripod and all. I shoot medium format so it's not at all small and convenient like 35mm cameras.
anyways, will i have trouble?
i'm flyin airfrance by the way
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Just to be on the safe side, Ti, call up Air France and describe your equipment to them. Regulations tend to change day to day, airline to airline and even airport to airport. Be sure to get the name of the person with whom you talk, so if you run into any problems at the gate, you can refer to your call.
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Check the tripod and carry on the camera. I'm not sure about AirFrance, but I recently flew another airline and my camera was considered a personal item like a purse or laptop. To be sure, certainly check with the individual airline, perhaps check their website.
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I took my 35mm on the plane with me to Prague and had no problems. However, I suggest that you do not have any film in the camera, because if you have removable lenses, Security may ask to see the camera and ask you to remove the lens. I would also check the tripod. Also, as long as you are shooting 100 or 200 speed film it will not be damaged by the x-ray equipment, however, if you are shooting higher speeds, check the film or buy it abroad. I was given this advice in a camera shop.
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I returned from Eastern Europe on Sept 29th. I had 200, 400 and 800 speed film. I bought a lead lined bag and placed all but 2 rolls in the bag (I misplaced 2 other rolls in my luggage. The rolls in the lead lined bag came through fine. The unprotected film was ruined. If you have to remove your lens that is not a problem. I do it all of the time to change len's whild film is in the camera.

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