Car rental CDW ?

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Car rental CDW ?

So I got sidetracked in planning my vacation by this car rental CDW thing. Spent 3 hours researching it last night and was exhausted!!!! I booked my car through a package with Aer Lingus - already paid for and I do not have a world card so it was charged to my visa - called all my credit cards and no coverage in Ireland -as you all know.

So I went to the insurance for hire website and it says this:

Your car rental agreement normally includes cover for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft. However you are still liable for the Excess on CDW and Theft. When a rental car is damaged or stolen, the driver is asked to pay the first portion of the repair or replacement costs. This is known as the Car Hire Excess.

So does that mean that there IS coverage, but not for the total amount of damage if there is any? And what kind of damage are we talking here - an accident kind of damage or a scratch?

Aer Lingus wanted to charge me $166 for this coverage and that website it's $60 for the week? Are they reputable? Should I just do it?

While we are on the subject - just how small is a 3 door economy car? Can 2 adults and 2 medium size suitcases fit or should I spend the extra $100 for a 4 door economy?

Thanks everyone
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Think of your car insurance at home... there is likely a deductible right? $500 or $1,000 is normal. That's what you are looking at with the excess CDW. It could be more... you'd have to look at your contract.

So you'd be paying $166 or $60 to bring your potential obligation down to zero. Not sure what website you checked but I have heard good things about No personal experience though. The amount of damage that counts as damage depends on the company and the day of the week.... you could be asked to pay for some scratching... you never know. Make sure everything is documented before you take the car and take before and after photos. Some people remove hubcaps and put them in the trunk as they are notorious for getting lost in Ireland and you can get charged for them.

Many people find the roads in Ireland challenging due to their narrowness. A small car will less likely get scraped, scratched and dinged. Your rental agency should have a page with examples of their fleet... find out what you might get in their economy class then go have a look here: Do a search for one of the models... there are pictures of interiors and trunks. If you want to stay in the smallest car
rethink your packing... instead of a medium suitcase each (which may not fit) take a smaller rollaboard sizes but check them on the plane and take the largest crushable carryons you can find. You'll be able to cram more into a trunk that way but will have as much or more than your larger suitcases. I'm a big fan of those ziploc like packing bags... you can get a lot more into a bag when the air is out of your clothes!

Good luck!

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Ditto what Rob wrote.

CDW deductibles can be €300 or €1200 - only your contract can tell you.

Two items to check - both in your existing CDW contract and the excess insurance:

1. Are damages to tyres, glass, and undercarriage covered?
Usually they are not. And often even the extra excess insurance does not cover it. So this item may remain in your full responsibility. But only your contract can tell you.

2. Are you restricted to drive on paved roads?
This is not much of an issue, as I have rarely encountered unpaved roads in Ireland. But if there is a gravel road to some ruins or to the beach, think twice before wrecking the car without coverage.
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You'll get a small hatchback. A car the size of a Fiat Uno is really small, and that's probably what you should expect. You might even get a Fiat Uno, but there are some slightly larger hatchbacks in Europe.

I've rented one of those, and fitting two people wasn't hard. We had two small bags (mine was a soft duffel that could be squished, his a very small hard-sized suitcase); they just fit in the luggage compartment. Anything more would have to be put in the back seat, which is too small for people but fine for luggage, but then you have the problem of having the luggage visible while you are driving around.

I would not count on being able to put two bags if they are anything larger than a 22-inch rollaboard. If you have 24-inch bags, then absolutely not. Thrifty says, for example, that two "medium" size suitcases and one small bag will fit in their 3-door hatchback. Sizes in Europe are usually smaller than in the U.S., which is how I got my estimate.
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You may want to see if you can drop your car rental and then find one which has no deductible, a.k.a no excess. The broker EconomyCarRentals offers its rentals with no excess, but I do not know if they work with local Irish agencies.
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One point to note - if you take insurance from a car rental insurance broker, that agreement is between you and the insurance provider, not between the car rental company and the insurance provider. (hope that makes sense).

When you go to pick up a car, you will be asked to cover the excess. If you damage the car, you will be charged by the car rental company and be able to reclaim it off the insurance provider. Hope that helps.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. So after much research it turns out the deal with Aer Lingus has NO insurance on the car at all which is why the price is so low. So the insurance4hire website covers the "excess" and since there is no coverage at all - we decided just go with the insurance from Aer Lingus. I had call Dooley and they confirmed that the rates they charge are about $40 a day so it would cost much more to get it from them. Glad that's done and thank you all for clearing that all up for me. Now on to hotels
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We have never rented a car in Ireland, but Ireland is one of the few coutnries that our AMEX card will not cover the CDW.
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