Can you drink the water?

Old May 29th, 1999, 05:41 PM
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Can you drink the water?

Is it safe to drink the water in London & Paris? Has anyone experienced any problems?
Old May 29th, 1999, 06:00 PM
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Yup. It's safe.
Old May 29th, 1999, 07:37 PM
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Yes, yes, yes.
Old May 29th, 1999, 08:44 PM
Martha B
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The water is fine all over France. But if you're offered a clear liquid which looks like water and is called eau de vie (water of life) go slow-- that stuff can get you!
Old May 29th, 1999, 08:56 PM
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Gail -

I wish I had water like this at home, I'd stop buying bottled in a heartbeat!!
Old May 30th, 1999, 01:10 AM
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Sure, but you might not like the taste, especially if you drink bottled at home.
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 12:18 PM
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Anything beats Bevrly Hills H20. Paris and London water safe.
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 12:34 PM
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Gail, did someone tell you the water wasn't safe? Lots of people ask this, and I can't imagine how such rumors get started or what other info is attached to them to make them seem credible. I mean, we're talking about countries (not just France and England, but other places in Europe) with advanced medical and engineering capabilities, but people still end up hearing--and believing--that you can't drink the water, that European cities are more dangerous than American ones, etc.
I'm assuming that the people who ask these questions are competent, mature, rational adults (after all, they're planning trips to Europe, so they must have excellent judgment, right?), so how does this happen?
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 01:04 PM
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I think this phenomenon happens when people preparing for their first European trip listen to advice from those who have never been to Europe. You wouldn't believe some of the things our families found to worry about before our first European trip 4 years ago. If we hadn't been lucky enough to have a lot of friends who spend a great deal of time in Europe, I just may have believed some of it!
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 01:39 PM
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My problem was finding a restroom to pee.
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 03:58 PM
Cheryl Z.
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I think part of the myth stems from people seeing everyone drinking bottled water and erroneously assuming it's because local water isn't safe, not realizing that part of the European restaurant culture is drinking bottled, not tap. Plus we here in the US are always told not to drink the water in Mexico, our neighbor, and perhaps mistakenly assume that means most of the rest of the world.
(and Sandy - me too!)
Old Jun 2nd, 1999, 08:17 PM
Bob Brown
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Part of the belief about unsafe water in Europe might well be the product of hand-me-down stories that originated during reconstruction following WW II. I was in Europe for a year in the mid 1950's and did in fact become ill a couple of times from drinking heavily chlorinated water. Although times have changed considerably since then, old stories die hard.
Having had a bad experience, I have been a little cautious ever since, probably without cause. Last year in Switzerland, I drank the water with no hesitation. It is reassuring to read recent accounts that say it is now ok in cities I am scheduled to visit in a few weeks.

But I have found quite a few places in the good old US of A where the water tastes worse than bad, although I never got sick because of it that I know of.
I never thought I would buy bottled water in the USA except in an emergency, but there are a couple of towns I have visited where the water was so bad that it drove me to the store for a big jug of H20.
Old Jun 3rd, 1999, 08:30 AM
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Occasionally, the water is just different: more/less minerals; more/less chlorine than what you drink at home (when I moved to the Southwest U.S. from the Northeast, I had to do some 'adjusting'). Small children, or anyone with a touchy tummy, might find they are a little 'off their feed' because of the difference. It takes only a short time to get acclimated to the 'new' water, with no dire effects.

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