camera safety in london

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camera safety in london

I'm travelling to london later in the year on my own. i know how much better photos looks if you are in them yourself, but i am worried about giving other people my camera to take photos with. is this "standard practice" in london (ie. no one will look at me funny if i ask them to take a photo of me with something) and is it really safe? noone will run off with my camera will they???
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Hi Cassandra my first big overseas trip on my own a few years back started in London & I had the same concerns. You'll find at the tourist attractions there will be plenty of tourists like yourself more than happy to take your photo for you. Otherwise I'll ask a local who looks presentable & if i'm really concerned try approaching someone with young kids or pushing a pram - they'll a very slow getaway!!!!
I've always found people to be very friendly & obliging - the biggest risk is asking someone who has the photo-taking skills of my grandmother - ie, chops your head off in the shot!!
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Hi, Cassandra,
My favorite pictures are usually the ones where the only people in the shot are strangers! I enjoy pictures of architecture and nature without anyone in them at all. Don't feel compelled to have your face in all these shots. I always try to capture that particular moment in a picture, and breathe in all the sights and sounds and smells. THAT'S what brings me back to that particular place.
If you do want your face included, buy a couple of disposable cameras with the panoramic capability. Then, if that person walks off with it, you haven't lost much. Also, with a larger picture, you can crop more easily and possibly improve on a potentially poor picture.
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If you are concerned about someone running off with your camera, you might want to think about taking a disposable camera just with the shots of yourself. That way you can have your good camera to take all the other pictures and then hand the disposable to the strangers to take your picture. Just a thought.
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Don't worry about it, you'll be fine!! Always look for other tourists, i.e. other cameras. Other tourists understand the need to be in the picture. I have been to London many times and have never had a problem with crime. (It seems like whenever I go to London, the place is swarming with Americans).

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