Calling all Benelux fans!

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Calling all Benelux fans!

We're making plans to spend about three weeks in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in the fall. Would you share with us your "don't miss" sights? We like to poke along, soak in the culture, meet the locals, and drive the back roads. Many thanks.
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I'm sure there will be some good serious answers here, (I might even post one myself)....

I'm a BE-NE fan... what's a LUX fan?

Even the Italians know this.. they say - -

Va bene!

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Hi Rex,
I hope that I`ve understood it correctly that you wanted to know what a "LUX" fan is. Well, the name Benelux
is a combo of the three countries BElgium, the NEtherlands and LUxemburg. So obviously a "LUX" fan is somebody who loves Luxemburg.

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Al, any place you go in either of those three countries will be wonderful. Seriously, those teeny little countries cram a great deal of stuff into their respective countries.
Netherlands: Maastricht - the town is very nice, the marl caves are fascinating. Eindhoven - the wildlife park/Van Gogh Museum is a...concept...
Marurodam (think I spelled that wrong)- miniature Netherlands; fun for even grownups
Luxembourg: the countryside is overlooked by most tourists; I'd say just drive and stop somewhere then tell us about it (yeah, let's get MIKEY to try it...)
Belgium: see if you can find the Crossbow Society (it's located in Brugge I do believe)
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Gee. I thought a Benelux was some sort of really super European vacuum cleaner for which someone found a web-site source to order from...
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It's actually a superior European beauty soap that requires no washcloth.
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I thought Benelux was a Dutch comedian. Or maybe, "good luck" in Flemish?
Actually Al, my favorite thing about that area is just what you are doing--checking out the markets in the small towns, stopping to "talk" and graze in cafes and roadside stands, spending the night in cozy inns--not really planning too much. I tend to ask the locals for their ideas and have been guided well, for the most part. You have plenty of time, and if you read up and are willing to risk a wrong turn here or there and that's the key to serendipitous pleasures.
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Dear Al,
Sounds like a great trip to plan. My husband and I did something similar this last fall and had a great time. I can only highlight the things we actually did, and some tips if you are traveling in the later falls months(we were there Oct 3-22).
Belgium - Brugge! a definite. Rent a car you can see more of the countryside and get places so quickly. Just be sure to pay attention to all road signs, some can be confusing.
Go into a MaxiGB and stock up on Chocolates there, it so much cheaper than the Chocolate shops.
You will be in Beer heaven, so if you like to partake in the consumption of these fine ales - there is no place better. Some of our favorites: Lambics(I prefer the Kriek), Duvel, Orval, Leffe-Blonde, Hoegaarden, and Westmalle. Remember the alcohol content of some of these ales can be as high as 9% so watch out.

Netherlands - Amsterdam - to see all the sights. I liked the Van Gogh museum the best. We also went to the Rikjsmuseum. Take a canal cruise, its fun and relaxing. Enjoy the shopping and look for some of the open air markets, this is also great fun. Go to an Indonesian restaurant and get the ristofel(spelling?).
I would advice getting a circle tram pass for getting around.
Also, when we were in Amsterdam from Oct 16 to the 22, it was so cold and windy I wish I had a down parka. So remember to take gloves, scarf and a warm jacket or coat.
I have not been to Luxembourg, so no comments.
I hope this maybe somewhat helpful. I know its not a lot of info., but when traveling it so hard to see everything. Let me know if you are interested in any of the accomodations we stayed, e-mail me directly.
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We're probably making this trip in the mid -spring, probably the last two weeks of April. Any thoughts on the weather??? Still pretty winterlike?? It's not the time we would pick to go to this area but work commitments take the timing out of our hands. Thanks in advance.
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Al, One of Rick Steves books in his "Europe Through the Back Door" series is "Benelux". I found it very helpful as the concentration was, obviously, just on the 3 countries. As you might guess though, it isn't a very thick book. Cathy
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I've read and heard from friends that Antwerp is a "don't miss" city in Belgium. It was Reubens' home city and their museums are supposed to be fabulous.
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You might want to look at the following web pages all beginning www.:,,,,, to see exteriors of Chateaux Vianden in Luxembourg,,, and you might enjoy If this post works, I'll add another paragraph.
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Al, I vote for Brugge for two nights or three if you are at leisure or want to shop for tapestry or lace. Brussels only require one day in my opinion and is generally more expensive for lodging (great train hub though). There are some castles in Belgium. We visited Chateaux Spontin, good looking building, not a lot in it, not at all a sophisticated touristic experience. We like Chateaux Vianden in Luxembourg. The Grand Ducal family still visits there. Holland has some lovely castles too. Holland's museums have been excellent so far in my experience. Sorry to be vague, but I have a Holland trip in the planning stage myself, so I haven't seen everything I think you should know about. Ooh, a Rijsttafel - good idea! (I had to go to the web site for the Bali Hyatt to find the spelling.)

Maggie, yes late April is still pretty Winter-like. I wore a linen blazer, but a Winter Coat for an end of April trip last year. Take an umbrella certainly. Today is March 1 and we anticipate rain with a high of 45F today with falling temperatures and a bit of snow later this week.

There's nothing quite like the Dutch or the Swiss to make me feel humble about my limited knowledge of languages.
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Great article on Antwerp in the March GOURMET. It's an interesting cosmopolitan city; lots of musuems, new clubs, and a rising star of the
fashion scene. Of course, there are many excellent restaurants, too. I was there years ago and enjoyed the variety and this article made me want to return.Oh,yes, bring an umbrella.


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