Call me foolish...

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Call me foolish...

....but I'm already planning my next trip to Berlin -- for next May!

A little background before I get to my question: I was able to spend only 3 full days in Berlin last year. Just long enough to get a taste, and I want *more*. Of all the cities I visited, Berlin was my hands-down favorite.

So, this time, I'm planning a full week there. I've already found some decent airline prices, which is good -- because my treat to myself this time, if I can do so without breaking the bank, is to do the entire round-trip flight in business class. I'm really a coach kinda guy, so this represents a pretty hefty extravagance.

Thus my question:

The most affordable fares I can find now in BC are on airlines that are a bit shaky financially: Delta, USAir, Continental. Does anyone here know what consequences I should consider, should I book now to get the good deal, only to watch the airline go down the drain between now and my embarkation date?

Or should I just wait until these airlines' situations become a bit clearer, and risk losing the good price? Any precautions you'd advise I take?


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Someone who is saying they can't really afford business class is worried about flying "on airlines that are a bit shaky financially".

They're not going to go under and you lose your money, if you're that worried spend the extra money on clothes/upgrade in hotel/etcetera.
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Always a crap shoot in terms of airlines actually liquidating, etc., by the time you fly. Delta has talked about possible Chapter 11 and Chapter 11 would be a first step to eventual and possible subsequent liquidation. Is that likely to happen anytime before you fly..Chapter 11, perhaps; total liquidation would seem far less likely.

USAirways now in their second Chapter 11; total liquidation would see more likely (to me) than for an airline that has not yet filed for bankruptcy protection.

You might also check out prices at

I do not think this is "too early" to be booking hotels, etc., however.
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I can't vouch for its accuracy, but this website seemed to have a lot of info on this subject:
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My retirement system owns a major share of USAir. Please!!! fly USAir so I can draw my pennies.
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If they are in Chapter 11, that's a chance to "reorganize"... look at Continental... they survived.
My bet is, all of a sudden money will be flung at them and there they are... happily reorganized. Plus, they own a tremendous amount of assets in what I guess one would call "landing rights", berths...docking spaces in major airports...
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First, I don't think you're foolish for going to Berlin again. Sounds very sensible.

Second, post on Flyertalk to get advice. There are all sorts of tricks you can use, and maybe you could even get a sort-of-free upgrade if you meet specific criteria.
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if you're very worried take out a travel insurance policy.
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(1) You are not foolish to revisit Berlin (2) Of the airlines you mention, Continental is the least shaky. (3) to protect yourself, take out insurance that covers the bankrupcy eventuality, plus charge your ticket on a credit (NOT debit)card. (4) Look into Lufthansa,LTU and Icelandic fares. Even if the airline you off in an airport a bit away from Berlin (LTU-Koeln or Duesseldorf, Icelandic-Luxenbourg?), you can always take a train. For train schedules and prices check
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