Burger King in Venice?

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Burger King in Venice?

Not that this is that travel related...well, I guess it is. However, not that DH and I would consider eating there....lest I get flamed like a Flame Broiled Whopper.

However, we've been having a heated discussion tonight on whether or not there is a Burger King in Venice, Italy. It only came up because I was explaining how to get somewhere other than BK and said, "You know....you pass BK, and..."

Now, he is shocked if there is one and says he would just as soon not go if there is. He swears it does not exist. I, on the other hand, know good and well (unlesss I'm just totally hallucinating) that I saw a BK just off the Rialto vaporetto stop on the San Marco side. Maybe a couple blocks away.

Can anyone back me up on this or am I actually hallucinating? In that case, just give me a Double Whopper with Special Sauce and call it a day.
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LOL Statia, I didn't remember seeing one, but I googled "Burger King Venice Italy" and came up with a lot of hits, including this quote from a Travel Channel message board:

"Well Venice was a neat city to explore at whim. I went towards the end of September and it was rainy and overcast. During the summer the canals may smell. Must get on a gondola! St Marc's will flood during high tide, bring a change of shoes or wear flip flops. Beware of the pidgeons. I went wandering around and found some neat places- great photo ops (im a photographer by hobby). The weirdest thing was coming across a Burger King - heck there are no CARS- but there is a burger king. UGH. The Grand Canal Bridge - shopping market area - neat place. Italian Gelati is AWESOME!!"

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I don't know about Burger King, but there is a McDonald's near the Rialto bridge on the San Marco side. Perhaps this is what you're remembering.

Now, if your DH won't go anywhere where there's a McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Starbuck's, Nikes, etc., etc., etc., I guess he'll be staying home a lot. Personally, I find the sight of the Golden Arches a bit comforting. "Clean bathroom here!"
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I don't know if there is one in Venice...when I was there in 2003, I didn't see one.

But there is one in Rome, where I gladly paid $6 Euro for a Whopper Value Meal, which I ate with relish (enjoyment, not the green stuff), after being on the road for half of a 3.5 week trip, and desperately needing sustenance beyond a ham & cheese street sandwich or a sit-down pizza meal.

I have a great picture of that moment...I put my finger over my lips to say "shhhhhh, I'm eating at Burger King" and DH snapped a photo.

It was the last Whopper I've had in two years since, but it was a damn good one.

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There is a Burger King at Campo San Luca, at one end of the Calle dei Fuseri. Near Rialto.
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Well, I'm taking my kids to McDonalds in Paris as a reward for putting up with "foreign" food for 3 weeks (my son is a rather picky eater!), but they'll have to order for themselves in French to get that burger. As for me? I'll be the one sneaking out to buy that baguette with ham, cheese and yummy unsalted French butter at the nearby streetside stand! It is fun to look at the French McD menu though...salads with goat cheese! Even McDonalds can be Frenchified.
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Hi Statia, don't remember a Burger King but obviously there is one. Just remember MdDonalds. Maybe you should eat at Burger King, just to experience the difference, LOL. It might be interesting. You will be leaving for Italy shortly I believe. Have a very special and wonderful time!!
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kwren, the lines are shorter at Quik Burger

Every MickyD's I saw in Paris was completely packed with long, long lines!
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Well, thank God I'm not out of my mind. DH kept telling me there is a Mickey D's in Venice and I do remember that because we tried to buy a cup of coffeee there by San Marco early one morning just to use the bathroom and they weren't open yet at 9 a.m. I remember us both stating that their breakfast menu must last until at least 2 p.m.

However, the air of contention has been the BK he does not remember seeing and I'm glad to know I'm not just remembering things that weren't there. Obviously from your posts (and those I've read on other sites) it does exist.

In his saying he prefers not to go where there are American chain fast food restaurants, that's just him talking (you know what). He'll go anywhere I tell him to. Just kidding.

I have to admit, however, he had his first (and hopefully last) scooter accident day before yesterday and thankfully nothing is broken (after us both spending all afternoon at the hospital to ensure such). He now tells me that as he was going down, in those three seconds, all he saw was "Broken leg, Statia not happy, Venice trip in less than two weeks, I'll call someone else to come get me."

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
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Yes, there is a Burger King. Don't remember exactly where, but my son and I ate there two times during our visit to Venice. Loved the tall cups of soda with ice!!!
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Oh Statia, thank heavens your DH is alright, well for all kind of reasons of course. But seriously, how terrible!! Tell your DH years ago I was in a terrible accident on I-80 here in N Ca. Not my fault but it was at night and it was a nightmare. I went across three lanes of traffic during commute time to avoid hitting an idiot that was parked on the freeway. Tell your DH I remember thinking as I thought I was going to be killed "GF (my Ins.Co) is going to have a fit and a half". And to this day I can remember thinking those exact words. I, BTW, was an Insurance Agent for this company, LOL. Just mentioned this as I can appreciate your DH husbands thinking that you shared with us.

So is he alright? No medical problem I hope. And you two will still be leaving for Italy I assume. I guess if all you have to argue over is whether or not there is a Burger King in Venice or not he is alright, LOL. Hugs to you both.
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Frankly, IMO, anyone who worries about whether or not it is "permissable" to eat at any place they choose when they travel, and have paid for that travel, needs professional help, and not from a TA, either.
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> There is a Burger King at Campo San Luca, at one end of the Calle dei Fuseri. Near Rialto.

As far as I remember, Holly's above post is correct and precise. I remember Luca & I remember Fuseri. They have pizza so this one is adopted somehow to a "local" need.
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Yes,there definitely is a Burger King in Venice. I too have seen it, although I did not partake of it. It is near the Rialto.
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I recall that BK has a bathroom that was particularly welcome at one moment in time: Venice has many beautiful sites, sights, views and vistas, but bathrooms? not so much...
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BK and McD's are very appropriate for Venice. In its heyday, Venice was one of the hub's of world trade, and the Venetians adopted architectural styles, art influences, fashion, and, yes, food fads from around the globe.
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Thanks for the further replies. I am priting this out to show hiim when I get home today. One score for Statia!

LoveItay, he's still in pain but should be fine by the time we leave. Yes, we are still leaving for Italy in 11 days....it's sneaking up so fast!

Voyager, I guess you didn't quite get my "tongue in cheek" humor about not eating at BK in Venice lest I get "flame broiled" on this board. Too bad. It was strictly meant to be a joke and not to be taken seriously. Appreciate your posting just to insult me, though.
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Early one morning in Venice, I remember being VERY glad to see that McDonalds near the Rialto - for their bathrooms! Don't recall a Burger King, but obvioulsy from thse posts there IS one.

One evening in Milan, my guy went looking for some takeout as we were worn out from a LONG day on our feet at a go-go-go pace after a late night train ride from Rome. He was having trouble finding anything, when he spotted a McDonalds & made a beeline for it. Our only "slip" of the trip! The "stuff" on the burger seemed a bit fresher than I was used to seeing with my fast food burgers at home and I was interested to see plastic sacs of mayo rather than ketchup for the fries. I knew this would be the norm in Belgium, but had never given Italian preferences much thought.

SeaUrchin's post about her Virtual Venice Walking Tour DVD from Vita Digital Productions intrigued us and I got one. Have watched half of it & was struck by many more chain store names on Venetian shops than I recall consciously seeing when I was there. Hate it, but it is the way of the world right now & I guess we simply have to deal.
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Off topic, I guess - - but why are there are no similar chain restaurants with worldwide "coverage" from Germany? from Japan? from England? from France? Italy or India, or China? Not specifically a "fast food" question, though it seems like "fast food" is inherently easier to "mass reproduce" in far-flung geographic distribution. I guess you can ask the same question about other pop culture "cornerstones"... movies and music come readily to mind - - but there IS a segment in both of those industries that is circling the globe, even if less ubiquitously.

I do believe that this aspect of American pan-global "invasion" is some of what anti-american terrorism factions are hoping to destroy/oppose - - but what about "it" is (seemingly) so resistant to cloning by corporations from ther continents? Does "Quick" not have any interest in setting up in New Delhi? in New Mexico?

Now, this thread is sure to become "Flame Broiled"!!!

Best wishes,

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Way back before the beginning of time, when I was a kid, I saw and enjoyed a chain restaurant, sort of upscale fast food, counter style, in Switzerland called Zum (I think). It later morphed into Movenpick which was big in Canada for a whileand I think in parts of the US and UK as well. That is the ONLY time I recall ever seeing an export from any country other than US succeed, but I will wait to be corrected. I do remember that both Wimpy (Burgers) and Marks and Spencer (from the UK) had a try at North America but both flopped.Very interesting dynamic and I sure can't answer Rex's question as to why no Japanese or Indian or ?????
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