bullfighting in Madrid

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bullfighting in Madrid

Can anyone tell us how to secure bullfighting tickets from the US for the Feast of San Isidro in Madrid? I understand tickets are difficult to get during the festival but really want to see a bullfight!
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Have you asked at your hotel? Our hotel in Madrid seemed to really WANT us to buy tickets for a bullfight (which we didn't want to attend). If anyone can get them for you, I'd guess your hotel would be a good bet.

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Hello, JL,
I looked in my Spain information (was just putting the last of my Spain pictures in albums tonight!) and found this tel# 91 356 2200
I also found an email address of a company that offers ticket sales. It appears they sell for a variety of events. You may have some luck with them:
[email protected]
and a website:
I looked at the website and it is sponsored by the city of Madrid. Take at look at the links and you will find some itinerary's that look very interesting.
We saw the bullfight and I enjoyed it. I wasn't prepared for that. (I really thought I would find it abhorent).
Have a wonderful trip and email me if you need more information.
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I just found a couple of other numbers that may help:
Phone bookings for Bullfights, football, theatres, etc.
91 531 2732
91 576 4532
Tourist Information office:
91 540 40 10/40
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To the gentle who just emailed me...here is the information I put on Fodor's yesterday.
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u.r. asicko
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Senor Frog
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All bullfighters are faggots~
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dear asicko:
bullfighting in spain is not a game. it is not a sport. it is a noble tradition in a proud and beautiful country.
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I just can't beleive that the visitor to one of my favorite boards can throw around a word like faggot. It is right up there with saying the word nigger, spic, or any other hate word. Sounds to me like you are more concerned with the bull than human beings, so you are the sick bastard!

See ya in hell.

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