Brussels in late Fall

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Brussels in late Fall

I am considering a one week visit to Brussels, with day trips to Brugge and one other city (as yet undecided, perhaps Ghent), during late October or early November. I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding the following:
1. I plan on staying at the Hilton or the Amigo Hotel in Brussels and taking day trips by train. Would it be preferable to overnight in Brugge or Ghent?
2. Is it rainy in late Oct/early Nov. and are mussels/shellfish "in season" at that time?
3. Any suggestions for meals (or alternate lodging suggestions)?
4. Any "must-sees" beyond the so-called obvious choices?
Thanks for your help.
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1. Train connections between Brussels and other cities are very frequent and the distance to Brugge or Gent is short. If you want to spend 2 days in Brugge it is obvious that you spend the night overthere.
2. Yes, it will most probably be rainy or at least showery in that period, as it is most of the year!
3. The mussel season goes officially from September until April (all the months with an R in it), at least for the quality mussels from Zeeland (Holland).
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Myriam: Thanks for your fast and helpful
Can anyone comment on the Hilton versus the Amigo Hotel? Location, room quality and convenience to sights, restaurants, etc?
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Brugge is a wonderful old, picturesque town. Ghent is not much.

We didn't stay at the Amigo, but it was supposed to be a top hotel. As I remember, it was right in the center of town, near the center square. But I believe that the restaurants were on the other side of the square, although it was not a long walk.
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the Hilton is uptown, the Amigo downtown Brussels - I'd rather go for the last one - unless you're into shopping & want to spend money on blvd de Waterloo & Avenue Louise. The Amigo is in a more lively area between Grand Place & Manneken Pis... within walking distance of almost everything, whereas the Hilton is on the inner Ring road.
enjoy your stay !
ann (from Brussels)
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I would prefer the hilton.

The amigo is a very nice hotel. It is far more beautiful than the H.
Amigo is in a pretty crowded area, like ann said. right near the pissing boy and that is the most touristy part of brussels.

The Hilton is a very efficent hotel a high rise tower. But if you want food and nightlife, the louisa area is best.

The amigo is right at the grand place, where most of the restaurants are extremely expensive or a ripoff.

Hard decision

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I stayed at both hotels back when I was working and traveling on the expense account. The Amigo wins. The Hilton is a typical, sterile, efficient place to conduct business. It could be in Cleveland or Dallas for all the atmosphere it offers. The Amigo has a certain Continental quality, is around the corner from the Grand' Place, and in a neighborhood the offers a lot of interest. What puzzles me, frankly, is why you want to stay in Brussels for a week. I'd turn my schedule around, if it were mine. Use Brugge as your base and take a day trip to Brussels. It's about 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes by rail, city to city. Or about 65 miles.
Ghent (or Gent) is closer to Brussels, but it affords only half the charm of Brugge (or Bruges, if you prefer). Ghent is larger than Brugge, seems more modern, has fewer tourists in comparison with Brugge. IMO, of course.

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