Bringing home German beer

Old Sep 7th, 2000, 11:21 AM
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Bringing home German beer

Since the question was answered regarding the amount of wine one can bring back to the U.S., I'm hoping one of you might tell me if it would be cost prohibitive to bring back a small keg of beer from Germany. I enquired into having one shipped and while the cost wasn't too. too bad, it would take upwards of 6 weeks by which time the beer would taste as bad as American beer. I'll leave my bags in Europe if I can check in with my keg. If that's impossible, can I bring back a couple cases?
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I love German beer as well but hauling it home is just too much trouble. By not having it in the US I really enjoy it more on trips to Europe. Bring home something easier.....pretzels.
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I've taken half liter bottles of beer (I don't like canned) back in my suitcase, no problem. Bottles here are much thicker than American beer bottles so there's less chance of breakage. Just roll them in socks and pack carefully. A case is usually sold in a returnable hard plastic container with a 6dm deposit for the case. I suppose you could keep the case but packing it up would be a pain. The beer and the bottles are really heavy, so be careful not to overload your suitcase. As a side note, the best beer I've ever had is Budweiser Budvar from the Czech Republic. You can buy it as an import in Germany in 1/3 liter bottles and a few places have it on tap. Good stuff!
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Is there a limit to how much beer you can bring back to the U.S.?
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I think it varies by state. Just don't tell them!
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Let's try to get it up!!!
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There is no limit on the amount of beer or wine that you can bring in that I am aware of. I have scoured the declarations form apon each return and not found any mention of a limit except in $ value. I have brought back wine, beer and gluhwine in my backpack (filled) and have never been asked or had to declare it as a special item. I would say carry what bottels you can as carry on. I don't know how you 1/2 keg might hold up in the cargo hold, i wonder if the pressure of the plane might give you an empty keg once you landed.

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