Bologna vs Verona

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Bologna vs Verona

Planning to leave Venice and stay a few days in Bologna, before the train back to Zurich and our return to the US. Any thoughts, the food sounds wonderful from my readings; we like to walk and just soak up the local flavor and see how people live in another area of the country. Read in another listing that Verona was a better place. This
will be in March 2001.
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I thought Verona was a lovely town and well worth a day or two. You could spned an entire day just crossing the lovely bridges to and from the town center. I haven't been to Bologna and am sorry to have missed it, given it's culinary reputation.
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I just posted a response in favor of Bologna today. But compared to Verona? No contest. Verona is a far nicer and more interesting place than Bologna. For really great food (and where isn't it great in that area?) go to Parma for the day and dine in any of a number of great restaurants.
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I have been to both, and agree that Verona is the "nicer" city. Bologna is a very nice city, with an interesting core, but because it is larger, it has more of the feelong of just "any large place" once you get outside of the immediate downtown. Verona is smaller, and its interesting areas take up a larger proportion of the total city.

As for restaurants, any of the cities would have some really good ones, and some ok ones, so I would not base a decision on that factor.
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I just want to expand my post on Bologna (in the Charming Towns in Northeast Italy thread) a bit. If you consider yourself an "average" visitor to Italy, Verona should be your choice. Even if you're not, Verona is a sure bet ... no risks whatsoever envolved. It's certain you'll love the city.

Now, if you're firm in visiting a city that goes about doing it's normal "untouristy" daily live, Bologna has a high rewarding potential. One other aspect may play a role: in case you're interested in opera, Bologna's Fondazione Teatro Comunale will be showing Donizetti's Lucrecia Borgia on Thursday, May 1st (box office phone 051.529999).

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I just realized in my bookmarks that the Teatro Comunale has also a web site and online reservations are possible:

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Verona, hands down. I think it's one of the best cities to just soak in the Italian ambiance. I loved the Roman ruins and there is a church (I forget which one, but it's near the river) where you can see the paleochristian foundations. All in all, one of the loveliest cities I've been to. Unfortunately March is not yet Opera season in Verona. But FYI, there is a fantastic out-door Opera season in the summer where classics like Aida and Tosca are performed outdoors in an ancient Roman coliseum where the acoustics are so perfect no microphones are used! That was one of the most memorable nights of my trip.

Best wishes for a great trip!
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Here's a vote for Bologna. I was in both cities this past September, and Verona left me cold. I though that Bologna was a more interesting place. It is, as was pointed out, a much larger city, but one that is not very touristed. Bologna has kilometers and kilometers of covered arcades under which you walk and shop, regardless of the weather. It's also a university town (the oldest in Europe), so it's a lively place. And then there's the food - Emilia Romagna has, hands down, the best food in Italy! Don't miss Salsalumeria Tambourini, just around the corner from the two towers.
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Haven't been to Verona, but have been to Bologna. It is a lively and not touristy city, though the historic core is quite small. Yes, the restaurants are excellent and well worth it, but how much eating can you do?! You will be spoilt for choice. The central square, Naeptune fountain and churches are the main city sites - quite low key, but worth a day. We only stayed there between going to Florence, but I'd love to visit Verona also. Alex

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