boat Dresden to Rathen


Apr 5th, 2010, 05:20 PM
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boat Dresden to Rathen

I see there is a boat that goes from Dresden to Rathen. The company is Sachsischer dampfschhiffahrt. I don't know if there are other companies or not. Does anyone know if it's possible to get off at Bad Schandau and take the train from there to Prague? I know that there is such a train but don't know if the boat docks there to let people disembark or just cruises past. would the train station be within walking distance of the dock?
If this is not possible, are there any boats which stop at several different towns for sightseeing?
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Apr 5th, 2010, 05:58 PM
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Yes, you can take a one way trip. Some of the daily trips go as far as Bad Schandau, others do not. It's a 6+ hr boat ride from Dresden to Bad Schandau - too long in my book.

Here's the Saxon Steamship website http://www.saechsische-dampfschiffah...metable,6.html

I recall that the train is across the river from the town of Bad Schandau where the boat probably docks. It's been a few years since I day tripped to go hiking in the region. I think I recall taking a little ferry across the river. Perhaps our Fodors Saxon expert Ingo will chime in with specifics.

IMO Koenigstein fortress is well worth a visit. If you don't want to take the ferry for a long cruise you can always catch a local train from any of the boat stops along the way to Bad Schandau, where you can pick up the faster train to Prague. Local (S-bahn) trains run every 15-30min, depending on the stop.
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Apr 5th, 2010, 06:38 PM
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That's right J62. The train station is across the river from the town of Bad Schandau. There is a ferry which, I believe, runs rather regularly across the river (perhaps every 30 minutes?). The ferry ride isn't a big deal at all, lasting all of 10 minutes or so.

You may find more scenic towns to stop. One attraction in Bad Schandau is the Toskana thermal spa.

The Eurocity from Dresden to Prague stops in Bad Schandau.
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Apr 6th, 2010, 10:15 AM
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How much time are you going to have for this? You can take the Eurocity train from Bad Schandau to Prague but the last one leaves 7.39 pm. This seems to be a bit late for arrival in Prague, check in etc. so I'd recommend the train 5.39 pm.

The paddle steamers arrive in Bad Schandau town, the Bahnhof/train station is across the river. A ferry and a bus link both. The ferry 5.20 pm would be fine for catching the train to Prague.

The steamer from Dresden arrives in Bad Schandau at 4 pm. This would give you a bit time to explore the small town and/or have a coffee and cake at the terrace by the river (Hotel Elbresidenz) right next to the steamer dock. The market square and the little cobbled alleys are quite nice, nothing spectacular though. And the river promenade is beautiful, so is also the Kurpark garden.

The problem is that you would spend 5:30 hours on the paddle steamer which is a bit too long IMO - quite boring. Very interesting is the part from Dresden old town to Dresden-Pillnitz (Palace and gardens), then follows a boring part until Pirna, from there it is a really scenic trip to Bad Schandau.

My recommendation is to take the commuter train S1 to Pirna, walk to the old town (10 minutes) and spend an hour exploring there - picturesque. Then take the paddle steamer to Bad Schandau from there. Btw, the S1 train runs all the way to Bad Schandau. Also scenic, quicker and much cheaper than the paddle steamer (not as historic, though, and no glass of wine there ;-) ).

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