Best waffles and frites in Waterloo

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"therefore, my thanks were in German. Problem?" Find out when you are in Belgium!!!
That link to gaufesbelgus is begin block by the malwearbytes programme on my PC may be something not right in its HTML/script.
I have never seen stroopwafels begin offered in French speaking part of Belgium. I know the French speaking side do not like the Flemish speakers much, but I wonder if this is going too far? ;-)
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I once asked a guy in Brugge for some directions. I spoke in French and he replied in English. Something like, 'why would you assume you should speak to me in French? You should first ask if I speak French or Flemish. I speak Flemish and would rather speak to you in English if you can't speak Flemish. Not everyone here wants to hear French.'

Then he gave me the directions, so obviously he understood what I had asked him in French.

So it seems some will take it very far indeed ribeirasacra.

The same thing can be found in Quebec, Canada where some French Canadians who understand English perfectly will refuse to speak to you in English.
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Brugge is a Flemish town. Flemish people generally prefer to speak English to someone who is a not a native French speaker. They can probably speak French too, but will object to someone assuming that everyone in Flanders speaks French.

As for waffles; there's also the Lacquemant waffle; a thin warm waffle with a sugary syrup. They look more like stroopwafels.
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Dulci the Class Contrarian...everyone is duly impressed with your wide knowledge of waffles and fries. Your newest claim to fame...Now go home.
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Tower, are you confusing me with someone who cares about what you have to say?
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From Merriam-Webster:

Waffle - intransitive verb: to talk or write a lot without saying anything important or interesting.
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"therefore, my thanks were in German. Problem?" Find out when you are in Belgium!!!"

Oh come on. Don't be so feeksachtig. I'm pretty sure Sparkchaser was not planning to speak German in Brugge.

FWIW, in my few dozen trips to Brugge, I never spoke French and when I tried Flemish (mostly picked up from subtitled episodes of The Simpsons on VT4 or from Patrouille, my favorite reality cop show), the locals would play along briefly then switch to English.
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