berlin christmas markets

Sep 20th, 2010, 09:43 AM
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berlin christmas markets

I am planning a trip to munich for the christmas markets and would like to add on berlin. Does berlin have a christmas market? Is it any good and if so where is it.
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Sep 20th, 2010, 11:11 AM
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Berlin has several. They vary quite a bit. I hope someone will give you more detailed info. I went to a few but don't have the specifics to tell you the names.
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Sep 20th, 2010, 11:15 AM
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Berlin has a couple of Christmas Markets. The one near Alexanderplatz is ok, but nothing like those in other cities. Another down near the Staatsoper was a little more lively, but it too didn't seem as welcoming and fun as those in Bremen, Nurnburg, Salzburg or even Munich. You could get a nice hot Gluhwein, some candied nuts, a good Bratwurst and Lebkuchen, but there wasn't much in the way of ornaments or decorations.

Berlin has many many great things you should see, but the Christmas Markets we attended (and there could be others for all I know) were nothing special.

Check this out for more info: http://www.germany-christmas-market....mas_market.htm
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Sep 20th, 2010, 12:03 PM
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I have to disagree. I just looked up the names to get the proper spelling. The market at Charlottenburg Castle is very large. The centerpiece of it is a three story pyramide. (The pyramide is the classic German candle powered carousel). They had a lot of booths and some featuring ethnic food and dress from other countries. (The Russian vodka comes to mind!)

The Gendarmenmarkt is quite upscale. Restaurants have structures that they set up and serve the same menus as the permanent one does. They have the lighting and comfortable chairs and tables. Many of the booths are in tents and are much warmer than the usual open air booths. There was a very large lighted fir tree at the entrance. It is smaller than the one at the castle but still quite large.

It doesn't surprise me that the one at Alexanderplatz is not great. That area was in East Berlin until the wall came down and still is not a vibrant as other areas.
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Sep 21st, 2010, 09:40 AM
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I also will disagree with Otzi. We enjoyed the markets in Berlin far more than Nuremberg and even more than Munich. Salzburg is quite different from these cities and one of our favorite places at Advent season.

Our favorite was the one at Gendarmenmarkt which offered high quality goods and restaurants. The one at the Palace was nice enough and the one at Potsdamer Platz as well as inside the Sony Center was fun at night.

We are headed back to Germany in 9 weeks and this time will skip Munich and spend more time in Berlin, which we both very much enjoy.
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Sep 21st, 2010, 11:01 AM
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Berlin's Christmas markets aren't as well-known as those in Munich and Nuremberg, but I agree with kfusto that they are still worth a visit if you have time. How long is your trip, and how much time will you have in Berlin?
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 06:05 AM
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I can spend 3 or 4 nights in berlin. What else is there to see? So far all i have found are some museums, i am not much of a museum person, but would not mind visting some.
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 06:13 AM
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Sounds like you need to do some research on Berlin. Try reading some trip reports on Berlin for ideas. Here is mine from last year if you are interested:

This is another site I find helpful:

We only went to one museum in 4 days in Berlin and this trip have plans to visit a few more. I also made reservations for a Christmas concert at the Berliner Dom through the concierge at my hotel.

There is a tremendous amount of history in Berlin as well. There are free tours, boat tour, bike tours.

In 3 visits I have barely scratched the surface of this wonderful city.
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 07:20 AM
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I'll chime in -- the Christmas markets in Berlin as nice or nicer than some of those that are more well known. Berlin's are especially nice at night. There are multiple venues and each has a different atmosphere. If you are there 3 nights, you could visit a different one each evening.

I agree you need to do some research on Berlin. Even if you are not a "museum person" there are extremely interesting things to see, even if its not your "thing."

I think you'll find more than enough to do in 3-4 days.
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 07:58 AM
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Last year the market centered on the Potsdammer Platz had a LOT of venues, several of those "portable" restaurant concerns, as well as the ice/snow slide which had people lined up even during the regular week workdays.

I would agree that there is plenty to see and do in Berlin besides these Christmas markets which, in my own experience, are VERY similar to each other in many ways regardless of which city they are in..but that "plenty to see and do" is definitely related to traveler interests and for people who are thinking "Munich-like" or even "Nurnberg-like" are perhaps going to be a little less than enthralled with Berlin
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 08:50 AM
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is definitely related to traveler interests and for people who are thinking "Munich-like" or even "Nurnberg-like" are perhaps going to be a little less than enthralled with Berlin"


We just came back from a trip to Munich and Berlin. The cities could not be more different. Munich has a feel of
"old Europe" : an open market in the center, streets closed to traffic, many churches and the Palace clustered together --- more of a small town atmosphere .
Berlin is mostly modern, spread around - some great areas ( like Gendarmenmarkt ),world class museum , cool and hip.
I like Berlin much more.
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 11:26 AM
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"I like Berlin much more."

So do I. I really enjoy Munich but Berlin has its own unique vibe which I find really appealing - edgy and with an energy all its own. The architecture is really amazing.

Like Dukey1, I like the markets best at night. We do not go to shop but to take in the ambiance, enjoy the local food, drink and music and people watch. Great fun and so different from home.
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Sep 22nd, 2010, 11:45 AM
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Berlin actually has 25 christmas markets and most of them are very good, but since Berlin is such a large city, they don't feel like the main event as they would be if they are in smaller cities. I used to be impressed by Christmas markets until I went to Berlin for two holiday seasons, I become jaded and lost the appreciation for Christmas markets after seeing so many of them throughout Berlin.
I agree with previous posts, the ones in Charlottenburg Palace, Gendarmenmarkt, Alexanderplatz are quite festive, but my favorites were the ones by the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church and the Salzburger style in Potsdamer Platz. The big hut restaurant next to the snow slides can be very lively and crowded on late .weekend evenings.
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