Ben, another help question!

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Ben, another help question!

Thanks is advance for any assistance you can provide. My 18 yr old daughter will be attending classes in London in the Regent's Park/Marlybone area. It is a specialty school that does not offer housing, but makes some suggestions. Where would you suggest for a young, sheltered girl who will be in London for a year? Any especially good agencies for us to contact? We will be visiting before school begins to check out options, but we would like a good direction to head.
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This is a silly way to post a question. Can I answer if my name isn't Ben?
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Debbie, I actually went to school in London and stayed in the Bloomsbury area a few years ago. If you like, please feel free to contact me directly at my e-mail address listed above. <BR> <BR>It would be helpful if you could let me know what their housing suggestions are since a lot of the schools in that area tend to use similar housing. I didn't use an agency but went with one of my school's suggestions and was very happy. If I don't hear back from you hopefully that means you've had good luck already!
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Ben Haines
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I'm afraid I must agree with www([email protected]) The more so, as I am sadly unable to reply. The districts of London keep much individual character, and places in north London are unknown to me. Nor do I use agencies: I have a house here.
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Thanks for looking, Ben. Julie, I will contact you soon, thanks also to you. www.www, what can I say? Just following a lead from other similar questions, whether to Elvira, Ben, etc. If you have something that can assist us with this matter, please post it!!

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