Bellagio and Lugano

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Bellagio and Lugano

I'm going to Bellagio in August and wondered if there is a direct ferry going from Bellagio to Lugano in Switzerland. Besides renting a car, is there another way to get to Lugano? Is it worth going there for a day trip? Thank you all...
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No ferry that I know of. We drove over for the day. Frankly, I wished we had stayed in the lakes area. Lugano is a nice town, but did not make me fall in love with the place and ever need to go back. Others may have seen something that I missed. I think you are better off exploring Bellagio and the other small towns around that area.
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There is ferry service between the towns of Bellagio, Varenna and Cadenabbia which may save you some time. There are no direct ferries because Lugano and Bellagio are on two different lakes (or am I missing something?)
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Bob #2, your sanity in in tact. Bellagio and Lugano are indeed on different lakes!
Bob #1, we were told pretty much the same thing and were advised to stay in the Lake Como area rather than going to Lugano. We never regretted it.
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We took a train from Lugano to Como and then the ferry to Bellagio. Should work in reverse as well. I liked Lake Como much more than Lake Lugano and I wouldn't leave Bellagio for Lugano. I think your time is better spent exploring Lake Como.
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alison atlas
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We're planning on visiting the Lake area at the end of October. Do you kniow anything about the weather then? Thanks. Alison
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I just had a fabulous time yesterday in Menaggio (visits to Villa Carlotta and Bellagio). One very nice thing about Lake Lugano is that the shoreline is much less developed then Lago Como. I wouldn't be so quick to blow off the Ticino Region of Switzerland so quickly. There are many wonderful areas to explore, especially if you are planning to do some hiking. Head up the mountains and discover some of the traditional Rusticos.

Indeed there are 2 routes to Lake Como from Lugano.

Take the ferry from Lugano to Porlezza, and bus from Porlezza to Menaggio, ferrys on Lake Como (to Bellagio, Varenna etc.) from Menaggio. Inquire about schedules at the Lugano Rail Station or Lugano Info. center.

Or as mentioned above take the train direct to Como and a ferry from there.

There is a roundtrip tourist route. cost 46sfr. from Lugano
Train-depart Lugano 9:41 arv. Como 10:11
walk or bus 10:15 to boats (900m)
Ferry-Como 12:00 arv. Menaggio 14:02
Bus-Menaggio 15:52 arv. Porlezza 16:20
Ferry-Porlezza 16:25 arv. Lugano 17:35

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I have to second Chris. Apart from Bellagio, I was really disappointed in Como. When I went to Lugano for the day, my reaction was - hey, it's clean. Call me shallow, but the shopping is whole heaps better than anywhere on Como APART from Bellagio.

I can excuse Como quite a lot because of Bellagio. But some of those towns on the west shore are grim.

PS If driving ... we drove from Como on the Autostrada to Lugano - piece of cake - and back along the northern shore via Porlezza - slooow, tedious drive (maybe just tired?).
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We are going to Varenna on Lake Como for ouf first overnight stop after arrival at Malpensa airport. Have heard we can take a bus from airport to Como, then ferry to Varenna. Is this better than taking shuttle bus from airport to Milan, then train to Varenna? Anyone know a site for the ferry schedules? Thanks for any input. Joyce
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Mike, your reply is very interesting because of how it contrasts with the Michelin view of the same area. I've not been to this region, but my Michelin map shows the northern route on L.Lugano to be a 'yellow' road, which one would expect to be a lot slower than the autostrada.

However, they also indicate that this route is very scenic, along with the route that follows the western shore of Lake Como. Yet you didn't seem to enjoy these routes, why?

Michelin gives Lugano three stars...some here seem to agree, others do not. Perhaps Bob was more interested in relaxation, in which case I can see why a trip to a small city would be less enticing.

I guess what I'm looking for is a clearer understanding of why people feel the way they do about certain places.

Chris, forgive my ignorance, but what is a 'rustico'? And thank you very much for the public transit information, and the hiking advice.
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Maria, Lugano is well worth your time. There is direct bus service that runs often from Mennagio---go for it.
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You'll find a bus, ferry and hydrofoil schedule at

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