Belgium Beer

Feb 27th, 1999, 06:00 PM
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Belgium Beer

I will be traveling to Belgium via Amsterdam and am interested in visiting some breweries esp. Trappist breweries. Does anyone have any suggestions as to those within the Brugge vicinity that are worth seeing?
Thanks alot,
Feb 28th, 1999, 10:27 AM
Wes Fowler
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Where to begin in searching for Belgian breweries? There are over 100 spread throughout the country but unfortunately most of the monastic breweries are in the southeastern part of the country. One monastery is in fairly close proximity to Brugges. It's the Monastery of St. Sixtus in the tiny village of Westvleteren. The village is about 10 kms from the French border and is about equidistant from Ypres and De Panne and about 80n kms from Brugges. I know of no other way to get there from Brugges than by auto.
If you want a convenient place in Brugges to sample 300 of Belgium's beers, visit 'tBrugs Beertje at 5 Kemelstraat, just off Simon Stevinplein. Brugges has a brewery that offers tours, as well. It's the "Straffe Hendrick" brewery, in operation since the mid-1500s.

There are two beer museums offering tours and tastings in Brussels. Check out the Maison des Brasseurs adjacent to the City Hall; it's a museum sponsored by the Confederation of Belgian breweries. If you are interested in the gueze and lambic (lembec) beers, check out the Musee Bruxellois de la Geueze at 56 Rue Gheude. It's near the Gare du Midi metro station.

There are three cafes in Brussels featuring interesting beers. In't Spinnekopke at 1 Place du Jardin aux Fleurs has a wheat beer brewed with curacao and coriander. Mort Subite (Sudden Death, named after a dice game not the beer's after effects) is at 7 rue Montagne aux Herbes Potageres and finally De Ultieme Hallucinatie, (The Final Hallucination) 316 Rue Royale serves a beer of the same name as well as an interesting Cantillon framboise.

If in Ghent, which lies between Brugges and Brussels, look for the beer with the intriguing name - Delirium Tremens, served in a brandy snifter upon which pink elephants are embossed.
Mar 1st, 1999, 05:46 AM
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I don't have any information on the breweries, but Wes' answer reminded me of whiling away a golden October afternoon at an outdoor cafe along a Brugges canal sipping Strasse Henrick (sp?)! Touring the breweries will be fun, I'm sure, but be sure to leave some time for enjoying their products in such a wonderful setting.
Mar 1st, 1999, 06:43 AM
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I live in Bruxelles and the beer is great. I'm a big fan of biere blanche.

I hear the Hogaarten (sp?) brewery in the small town of the same name (near Leuven, you need a car) is very nice but have only heard about it in the summer - they have a (planted) garden to visit too. The Bruxelles tourist bureau should have info on this. The trick is getting a tour in English.

Other options - 'La Becausse' in Bruxelles down an alley off Rue de Tabora (facing St. Nicolas church near the Bourse) is a very authentic brew house where they make their own blanche & geuze (sp?).

Also 'The Dome' in Leuven is a brew-pub
in a college town where you can see the works and have light meals.

You may be able to talk either of these places into an informal tour if you show an interest and its not mobbed. The Flemish (e.g. Leuven) almost always speak excellent English.

Mar 2nd, 1999, 05:38 PM
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Thanks for your info on beer in Belgium. I cannot wait to sample the wonderful beers of Belgium. My thinking now is Brussels, Brugge and Antwerp. What is the weather like in those areas, we will be there on March 9? Again thanks for your input.


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