Been burnt once on air tix

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Been burnt once on air tix

Early November as I was scouring airline prices, I happen to see a great price on Stl-Fco-Cdg-Stl route for 3 people for about $2135 incl taxes. I reserved till midnite next day but alas when I click to pay, the price has increased to $2370. So crazy and greedy I was, I didn't buy but decided to wait until it goes down again nearer the original price. BUT it never did and now the best I could do is about $2600. I am incline to buy now because of the hard lesson I learned but then with all the sales coming up I am again wondering if the price will come down a little. So should I??? Thanks.
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Hello Cary - I am a travel agent in Asheville NC and just happened on you note - if you'll call me at 800 467 4981 I'll be happy to try to help you. We might well be able to find something for you depending on the date you had in mind
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Check in with the conversations on the message board on airfares. You can probably get some relevant advice there.
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No good
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Go away! Read the rules!! No commercial endorsements!!
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I. M. Sodumb
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Message: Yeah Nancy, we wouldn't want to hear any advice from a travel agent! After all the people here are all EXPERTS and by God no one know more than they do! So you better stop it or they will yell at you and tell you are stupid and suck and so on. So please stop before they get all riled up and show us how damned smart they are. Why, I bet most of them have been to every possible location in the world, stayed in every hotel, eaten in every cafe, and seen every sight, and by God they are all EXPERTS and do not need any advice from a professional travel agent, because we all know that TAs are fast becoming extinct because with the Web we can all book our own flights and our own hotels and we can ask all of the EXPERTS here what to do, what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, where to go, and the EXPERTS will tell us in no uncertain terms that THEY know it all and by God we better listen to them because they are EXPERTS and everyone is stupid, dumb, and dense and can not travel without their EXPERT advice.

So stop it already.
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Sodumb : I come here to read the opinions and avices of travellers, not professionals. If some of us want the advice of a travel agent, it's quite easy to find one ourselves. If the professionals were welcomed here, the board would be quickly full of commercial posts, and the travellers would fleed somewhere else. So, it makes *a lot* of sense to ask them not to use this site.
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Maybe for you, but here in the metro Detroit area it is NOT EASY to find a travel agent expereinced in European travel.

So welcome Nancy to the board and I hope you stay. I wish a travel agent in this area would reply to one of my messages offering their services to help me find a deal. Not everyone on this board is as anti-travel agent as some people happen to be.

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