Bath v. Warwick Castle... Discuss

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Bath v. Warwick Castle... Discuss

I think I've read all the info on the board about day trips from London but I would like to hear the pros and cons of these two and things like costs, time. We will be visiting Hampton Court and Greenwich and don't really consider these "out" of London and so would like one more day trip. Briefly, one of us has been to the UK before (many times) and one has not. Neither of us have been to either Bath or Warwick Castle. What do you think?
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my vote goes
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Skip Warwick Castle and go to Bath.
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I will second the vote for Bath! It is a beautiful city with much charm and history. The Roman Baths were a highlight of my first trip to England. Be sure and take the tour of the baths. The cathedral is beautiful and be sure you see the crescent building, beautiful victorian townhouses. If you enjoy antiques there are many antiques stores to visit. I could go on and on...
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Hard pick, but what are your interests?

Going to Bath gives you the option to see several different things. I enjoyed the Roman Baths, the Cathedral and a brief stroll around the town. If you like to shop, you'll be in Heaven.

I did not expect to like Warwick--thought it would be too touristy for my taste. I loved it and thought the addition of the wax figures brought the various time periods to life. Again, if you like castles, spend half the day at Warwick and then go to the ruins of Kennilworth for a contrast.
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I must agree with the last poster, what are your interests? We also loved Warwick Castle (did not expect to, after all we've seen lots of castles!!). Really it was great, the grounds are marvelous, the wax figures were so real it made history come alive. The train ride from London is about 90 min. and you can buy a combined castle/train ticket at Marylebone Station and save a pound or two. It's about a 15 min walk to the castle from station. There are several places to eat (actually the food was quite good at the restaurant we ate in at the castle) there as well.

Bath is interesting, but again it is all what you are interested in. We found it overrun with tourists when we were there several yrs ago. We were at Warwick in April 2002 and must have hit an off day because it was nearly tourist-free!!! What a joy! We've been to the UK many times and find most places interesting to us, but each person has to decide what is important to them.
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Lori is absolutely right. I loved both Bath and Warwick, but can't begin to reply to the OP without more insight into her preferences.
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I KNEW you were going to ask what our interests were! Honestly, we like scenery and history although neither of us are huge history buffs (and no particular time like Roman v. Medieval) I like antiques (and someone mentioned the shops in Bath) but I don't pick places based on that - I'm not that die hard. I'm basically looking for what the British call "value for money" - what will give us the most well-rounded day trip experience. TIA
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Bath -- one of the loveliest cities on the planet IMO. Lots of variety and choice of activities.
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I would definitely go for Bath - and by the way - it is Bath Abbey, not cathedral!
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Bath wasn't my favorite city. It was very crowded. There were a lot of street people the day we were there. Lines everywhere. Although I can imagine why visitors love Bath, we had an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, we went to Warwick (with our kids) on a day when there was some kind of festivals with lots going on to keep the kids interested. We spent a whole day there without a problem, and it is a highlight in their memory.
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Liz--If you don't have kids-don't go to Warwick.
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Liz- we have been to Bath 3 times during various trips to England -
WE love it--the Baths were a nice stop and look site-- but don't stay and drink the water-tastes like Sulphur--supposed to cure all ills--PS it didn't..

The city, if you hit it on a school day, is loaded with funky high school kids,who are harmless and fun to look at..

The Antiquing is GREAT--

THe entire center of town is a main pedestrian area- If you are walking, take a cab to the top and WALK down-it is straight uphill and you will definitely get your exercise.

If you are into antiquing, and there were lots of values there,there are also some "antique markets and fairs" on specific dates...Note: a Car Boot is like our outdoor flea mkts in the states--
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Warwick Castle is one of the best preserved & historic castles in England...a much better attraction than I expected. Bath was actually a disappointment....the Abbey is rather average, the Roman Baths aren't worth the price of admission, & the rest of the town is basically a tourist trap.
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If you decide on Bath, take the Guide Friday tour to get an overview of the town. I very much enjoyed Bath but you can't really compare it to going to a castle like Warwick. Warwick was a favorite during my month long tour of England. It really has everything for adults or children. Another thought would be Canterbury. Lots to see there.
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Bath is lovely, and I would like to return, but Warwick Castle was such a great surprise! I loved the torture chambers, etc. We spent a great deal of time there. This is a place you don't forget! I'd vote for Warwick.
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I've heard it said that Bath has the highest ration of American tourists to locals anywhere in the UK including London. Warwick has it's share but retains it's local feel. Shopping and eating there are also a delight.
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Its like comparing apples and oranges. Warwick is a castle with a bit of Disneyland thrown in. A great place to take kids, it also is interesting to adults, especially those who have never been in a castle. However, for adults a couple of hours will suffice and then you are done for the day. Bath is a very beautiful city. A great place just to walk around. The architecture alone is particularly unique and interesting. Add to that the Roman Baths, Cathedral, shopping, etc. and there is more than enough to keep you busy for the day. Coming from London, you can take one of the tours that include a stop at Stonehenge (in case you haven't been there before. Another city you might want to consider as a day trip is York. As everyone keeps saying, it all depends on what you are interested in seeing.
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