Backpacking across Europe next summer

Old Jun 13th, 1997, 07:18 PM
Emily Amarnick
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Backpacking across Europe next summer

I want to backpack across Europe next summer, I'm a college student ,so I don't have that much money. Do you have any info on Youth hostiles in Europe. (Prices,food ect.) Does anyone have any stories they can tell me. How much is air fare from Philadelphia.
How much money do I need for the whole trip?
Thanks for your time.
Old Jun 13th, 1997, 10:23 PM
Tricia Kovell
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Hi, Have been learning a lot by coming into this forum several times in the last few weeks. I believe your question was addressed before. I scrolled down and found it-See, "Camping in Europe" on 5/30/97. A Stacy Nyholt replied and he works for a hostel and wrote a very informational article on joining the hostel association, getting your cards etc. Also, you asked for interesting stories. I printed out one written by a Stanford man and published on the net. Its actually a diary of his travels. He even has a picture of him in a youth hostel in Amsterdam. I learned a lot about the people and culture by reading it. If you give me a way to fax you I will send it as I have forgotten where I found it (it may have been Yahoo Search Engine, under "Camping in Europe" but not sure.
Good luck.
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Emily, contact your local Youth Hostel association. They should have a guide book which you can buy, which tells you about all the Youth Hostels around Europe, complete with prices and ratings. This is invaluable! It is certainly worth joining the Youth Hostel Association as a member and then benefiting from cheaper accomadation. I don't know what the prices are, especially in US dolloars, but it is cheap accomadation. Each place varies, naturally, in price. A hostel in the centre of Paris will be more expensive than a hostel in a small town in the country. The quality of accomadations vary too. In some places, you will have comfy bunks in warm rooms with only a few other people in with you. Other places there will be about 30 bodies in one big room with rickety beds. Some are segregated and some are unisex. But that is all part of the experience! I had a wonderful time hostelling it across Europe. It's the best way to meet other traveller's and swap stories.
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Hi, am typing in a quick note so this will move up to top of page as there is a woman traveling along who needs information on youth hostels. She typed a message on June 28. If anyone knows how to find or joing a local youth hostel let us know
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Hello! I backpacked through Europe 2 years ago. I spent about $3,500 for ten weeks. I did not camp but I stayed at hostels and small hotels. I probably averaged $20 a night for lodging. I have no idea what I spent on food, but I tried to buy from markets whenever possible. I bought a Eurail 2 month flexipass. I think it cost $700, but it really saved me a lot of time nd money. I would reccomend bringing cash, ATM, credit card and travelers checks. I once was out of checks and cash. I did not bring an ATM, it was a 4 day bank holiday and I almost had to leave the country to find a place that would recieve a wire transfer from my parents. Rick Steves wrote a book titled "Europe Through the Back Door" I got all the information on backpacking I could ever require. One definite is to rip the hotel lists out of our travel books and take them with you. That way you know the phone numbers of affordable hotels and can call them from the train station instead of walking from place to place only to find they are all booked. Also, if a hostel is booked they sometimes will help you locate cheap lodging. It is no easy to take this kind of trip, but I went by myself and only had a few rough times. I almost never spent a day alone. Get Europe through the back door and have fun!!!!!

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