Avoid Wiener Rathauskeller

Jun 13th, 2001, 10:59 AM
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Avoid Wiener Rathauskeller

Guten Tag,

Just got back from Vienna and I have a few tips for tourists bound for Vienna:

1. Avoid dinning at the Wiener Rathauskeller, a tourist trap restaurant located at the basement of the Vienna Rathaus (City Hall). The dinner show as so-so, the foods and the services were lousy and the prices very high. This is the place that caters to tourists who has only a day to spend in Vienna and would like to enjoy Austrian folk/waltz entertainment and sample the Kaiser's favorite Tafelspitz (a bland piece of boiled beef - Kaiser Franz Joseph must be a poor eater for an Emperor). The French tour group that was eating with us left immediately after the main entree and did not taste the dessert which was another piece of mess. The Frenchies knew from the way the main entree was prepared that the dessert could not be of any interest.

If you have at least a day to spend in Vienna, try the Heurigens in Grinzing (Heurmandl is a nice restaurant) or the Donauturm (Danube Tower) which had a great seafood dish and desserts. If you are limited to visitng the Stephandom area, try the Gulashmeseum. The gulashes were excellent (my 13-year old son who normally does not like hot, spicy foods loves this restaurant). The only drawback is that the place does not accept any credit card. They take cash (Austrian Schilling) only.

Enjoy Vienna, even if the weather is not sunny, because it is an interesting place. Lots of pretty, single girls but they chain-smoke.

Auf Wiederhoren,

Jun 13th, 2001, 11:25 AM
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Darling Sam,
Maybe the French tourists left before dessert because you referred to them as
Jun 13th, 2001, 11:29 AM
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I often find food served to groups is not up to par. You often get food which is not interesting, held over and generally fair at bes. It is too bad about your experience but I have to say that I dined here about 7 years ago and had very, very good food. Perhaps I was lucky or you unlucky but I have often recommended this place to others.
Jun 13th, 2001, 12:46 PM
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How dare you call the ultra-cultured French "frenchies". I prefer "frogs".
Jun 14th, 2001, 11:26 AM
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To "Buyer" [email protected],

What is your problem with the term "Frenchies?" Would you like to know what the French nickname for Americans? You will be shocked!

You must not have had opportunities to travel aboard. Otherwise, you will know all the "nice" names the rest of world call Americans.


Jun 14th, 2001, 11:46 AM
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Sam, what DO they call us Yankee dogs?
Jun 14th, 2001, 11:50 AM
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Probably because of the misunderstanding about our t-shirt, we get called "I'm with Stupid->"

Jun 14th, 2001, 12:35 PM
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No matter how beautiful or handsome the person is nothing is more unattractive than a person whose mouth tastes and smells like soured garbage on the hot summer's day. Of course - I won't even go on about how the rest of a smoker's body and clothes stink.
Jun 14th, 2001, 01:13 PM
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Sam, sorry to hear you had a disapointing dinner. I also had a very good meal there, but this was 30 years ago, and we were on a very strict budget.
Jun 14th, 2001, 01:27 PM
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Oh Art, in 30 years, things can change. You will agree with me, I suppose. Sometimes even within some weeks regarding restaurants and other things too. ;-)

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