Avoid Restaurant Solty in Avignon!

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Avoid Restaurant Solty in Avignon!

We'd already dined at one of the two Fodors-recommended restaurants in Avignon (Brunel - execellent!), and on this particular evening, the other one (...Reine) was closed or full. So we tried to find a decent place. We avoided the main square as they looked touristy. We found 'Solty' on a side street, and it looked like it should be good. What a disaster! The one waiter was a teenager, not terribly bad, but not very good either. He forgot to bring my drink initially. There were only a few patrons, yet it took an age to place our order, and then it took an age for our food (appetizer) to arrive. This part of the meal was OK (pate, etc - hard to mess up ...). But then the main course arrived (we both ordered grilled meats - beef, and lamb) and they were virtually stone cold. I suspect they got messed up in the kitchen with their timing, since it took forever for our 'cold' appetizer to arrive; they probably cooked the meats before even serving our appetizer. However, this was not an inexpensive place, and when you dine in France you expect certain minimums - like hot food! We 'should' have complained, but - we decided that as visitors, we would just let it slide.

This was a Sunday. Maybe the real kitchen and dining room staff were off?
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So people shouldn't patronize a place just because you were: 1.not served quickly enough 2. you didn't have the courgae to send your meal back (what French person would eat a stone cold dish?)
I'm inclined to believe this is a troll - "...when you dine in France you expect certain minimums.." - that sounds so pretentous. Also - last week's thread about another French restaurant and the centimes.Also - why do people always portray themselves as the perfect customer? Life is never problem free - if unless you at the Four Seasons - and even then. You decided to "just let it slide" - your mistake.
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Three best are Veille Fontaine in Hotel Europe.
Christion Etainne overlooking the Pope's Palace.
The daddy of them all, Heilly Luccalus
My spelling of that is wrong.
I don't know why people expect France to be different than any other place in the world when it comes to people.
Some are wonderful, some are nasty-it's called human nature. One thing they are nicer at , greeting you in passing, or entering or leaving the dining room . Most americans hang their head low.
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Aon - I'm not a troll (whatever that is) and I don't expect perfection. The reason I don't recommend this place is that the service was very poor overall.

One of the things I've found to be so wonderful about dining in Europe in general is that you get served by 'professionals'. None of this 'hi my name is ...', 'how is everything' every 10 minutes, high school kids who let you know they are only doing this until they find a better job, etc - just good, attentive, unobtrusive service - they are incredibly good at their jobs and so far ahead of anything you find in the states (and I eat out 5 nights a week in the SF bay area, a dining mecca, supposedly).

This place was so far off the mark it deserved a mention, that's all. Go there and enjoy it, if you feel so inclined. Like I said - this was a Sunday - maybe the 'real' staff were off and we got the stand-ins, in the kitchen and dining room.
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Based on one bad experience, I would pass along the information but would hesitate to tell others to avoid a restaurant, hotel, or other establishment. That's why restaurant critics go several times to a restaurant before writing a review. On any one night, the regular chef can be out sick or in a snit, the manager may be away, experienced waiters
may be on vacation, the regular food suppliers may have failed to make deliveries, or as you point out, the owner may not be around on a Sunday. Here in New York it is rare that the regular chefs work on Sundays.
That's not an excuse for your bad experience, merely a possible explanation.
As you said, perhaps you should have complained, even by letter after the fact. Good management appreciates being informed.

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