Autoeurope in Munich

Old Aug 8th, 1998, 05:20 PM
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Autoeurope in Munich

I just booked and paid for my Autoeurope reservation in Munich. Has anyone used them? I cancelled my Hertz reservation because of all the negative stuff I've read on this board, plus autoeurope was about $15.00 cheaper for the week. I'm picking-up downtown in Munich. Are they located in the Hauptbahnhof and do they have their own counter, or
are they affiliated with someone else? Thanks.
Old Aug 9th, 1998, 07:55 AM
Rosemary Pasquier
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I rented a car through AutoEurope two times. Both have been fine. I just rented one out of Frankfurt
airport in June--they are affliated with Avis at
least in Frankfurt. The only thing you need to know is that there is some kind of tax and you are later billed for that. It was only $12.00, but I would have paid it while I was there, not when I got home.
The other time was in Salzburg--a van--no problems.
Old Aug 9th, 1998, 04:35 PM
Pam Fetters
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I rented from autoeurope in Munich in Oct 96 and they are located in the train station. I had to walk two blocks to get the car in a parking garage but it was very easy to find. I didn't have to pay any other taxes when I got it. It was paid for on my credit card before I even got to Munich.
Old Aug 9th, 1998, 05:05 PM
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I have used AutoEurope and had no problems. However, they are a wholesaler and they chose who the rental agency who furnishes the car. In my case, it was AVIS, but I think they also use Hertz among others. I was not aware that there were any problems using Hertz, but with my limited experiences, what do I know?
Old Aug 10th, 1998, 05:19 PM
Carol Leventhal
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I am very enthusiastic about my experience with AutoEurope. My husband and I made arrangements to rent through them out of Munich, which put us into the hands of Avis. Most of our rentals in the past began & ended in Italy; this one was 1/4 the price of last year's rental in Italy! Call AutoEurope and ask for the location most convenient to where you'll be staying.
Old Aug 11th, 1998, 03:35 PM
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Cliff, I just used AutoEurope last month. As stated before, they are a "Whole seller" We also got our rental through Avis this time. I believe last time it was Europcar. I will say that I have been very happy with them. I called to find out about the charge on my card for the extra driver. I told them I was surprised that the fee was over $50 when they had stated that it was about $35. They said that they will refund the difference to me. They are also crediting the cost of the car for 2 days, after I turned it in early. No complaints about the service.
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Have been using them in Germany 2 to 3 times a year for the past 10 years.They are top notch and do not hesitate to use them.
Have a good trip.

Ed Gilbert
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I have used Autoeurope, but not in Germany. However, my problem was not only the provider of the service, but also with the Autoeurope itself. I had to change our plan in UK so the US dollar quote was no longer valid. We agreed on new figure in POUNDS. When I got VISA bill, found out that I got billed using AVIS's high exchange rate, not VISAs. The complaint I had with Autoeurope was in defending the AVIS's high exchange rate, claiming it was VISA who changed the high rate. I had to rattle thru my other VISA charges I made on the same day to prove that the agreed on new rental rate in pounds when converted to the US dollar should not have been as high as claimed. After much yelling on the phone the Autoeurope finally agreed to use VISA's exchange rate (we agreed on a POUND figure after all.)

I would consider Autoeurope again for their price, but as far as needing to complain hard to get things straightened out, they are just like any other rental companies.

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