Austrian Salt Mines

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Austrian Salt Mines

My grandpa asked me to get him some info on the Austrian Salt Mines but I can't find much on the internet. Has anyone been there? Anyone know where to get good info for prices, location, accommodations, etc? Any help would be appreciated!
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There are several salt mines that he can visit. One is very near Salzburg; another near the very scenic village of Halstatt. I don't know the admission price, but I assume not inordinate. Accommodations are plentiful in Salzburg, which is a small city, and reasonably easy in Halstatt.
Hope your Grandpa enjoys his trip!
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Here is one site that describes four salt mines:

We went to the one at Hallstatt. I thought it was more hassle than expected. If you are into geology, it would be a fun trip.

First we had to climb 10-15min after getting off the funicular to reach a lodge that serves as a ticket booth, waiting room, snack, and a changing room.

After buying the ticket, we got waiting numbers. The trip was in multiple of train load. We waited about 30 minutes then were led into a change room. It is best if one does not bring anything extra to begin with or have someone to leave belongings. I do not recall if there was a locker facility. All instructions were only in German. We put on our miner suits there.

Then a group leader lead us up the hill more to train waiting line. We waited, hmm, perhaps another 15 min? Since the mine itself is quite chilly, you'll need a light jacket or sweats even in summer.

We hopped onto this mine train, which you probably have seen in Rick Steve's videos. We got off after quite ways to start the trip.

The trip took us to several places in the mine, by foot. There were two slides. There were stairs at the side for those who do not care to take the slide.

There was a theatre about halfway into the tour to see the video of salt mining operation. This was the ONLY place we got English explanation by grabbing headphones located above our head and dial a knob to English.

Above all, we walked much more than we expected. Perhaps .5 miles? (it was hard to perceive distance in the tunnel) thru dimly lit tunnels. There might have been alternate tour route but the standard route was not for those who cannot walk briskly in dimly lit tunnels.

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I went to the salt mine in Hallein. You can take a local train from Salzburg but it was a bit of a walk from the train station. The walk was also VERY, VERY uphill but overall it was a really fun outing for the day.

I didn't know there was a salt mine in Hallstat. Hallstat is supposed to be very scenic. Hallein was nice but there wasn't alot to do or see other than tour the mine.

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At the mine in Hallstatt, it must depend on which tour guide you get, whether or not you get any information in English. When I went last May, the gentleman would explain everything in German first, then in English. I think you might want to tell someone that you don't speak German, and they should be accomodating. I think the admission in May was around ATS 190, but I could be wrong. It is a short walk from the funicular, but it's not too steep.
There is also a salt mine in Bertechsgaden, Bavaria, Germany, about 10 miles from Salzburg. Pretty much the same thing, with dressing up, sliding, but there is also a boat ride across lake, and last I knew, a small sample of Bad Reichenhaller Salz at the end. It's a good time, even if you're not particularly interested in Geology. In Hallstatt, the view from mountain,and during the funicular ride is amazing. Hallstatt is a great town anyway! Hope your grandfather has fun!!
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We toured the salt mine at Berchesgaden when our son was seven years old and he STILL talks about it--he's 21 now. It was the hightlight of his trip. The train down into the mine is totally open air and you really zoom through there fast. We loved sliding down the long slides to get from the upper levels down to the lower levels--there are stairs for the less adventurous. The tour was not expensive, but you may learn more about German salt mining techniques than you ever want to know. It's fun; go for it.
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Salt mine in Hallein is great. They do tours with English speaking guides all year round.

More info: salt mine tour

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