ATM or not

Jun 10th, 1998, 09:56 AM
Parrot Mom
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ATM or not

Hi-we are going to London again and do not own an ATM card-previously we changed US $$--and of course charged--What is the best method--What ATM is the best-IF we were to get one just for the UK
Jun 10th, 1998, 10:52 AM
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Ask at your bank, but generally, most will work. I remember seeing the "Cirrus" name on machines in Paris. We changed a small amount of cash "just in case", but otherwise charged our hotel, meals, museums, etc., which gives a good conversion rate. The ATM card will come in handy. At your bank, ask the person responsible for the ATM if you can use it overseas, even if they are at a different branch. I have to ask: Why "Parrot Mom"?
Jun 10th, 1998, 11:08 AM
Paul Rabe
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I strongly recommend ATMs while traveling IF the place you are going to has an adequate and easy to find ATM machines of your system. London has scores (if not HUNDREDS) of ATMs of both Cirrus and Plus. Both have an online locator pages (just type 'atm' for any search engine). If you get either, remember that, in Europe, your PIN can NOT be any more than four digits!

Which one to choose? Check your local financial institutions and see which one gives the best deal; if they'll give Cirrus OR Plus, they're pretty much identical as far as Europe is concerned. Ask about overseas fees!!

Just to be on the safe side, I recommend you continue to carry some travelers checks just in case your ATM card gets lost or scrambled.
Jun 12th, 1998, 03:48 PM
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Dear Parrot-Mom

Refer to "Giving my mom her dream trip to Ireland" which is posted above your question a number of spaces in the forum. My husband and I just returned from Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland 3 weeks ago. I hope the information helps.
Jun 15th, 1998, 08:33 AM
laurie mathews
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I have an additional question regarding European ATM's: Do they give you the option of choosing between checking and savings accounts? This is a very important detail to me! Any info is appreciated!
Jul 29th, 1998, 08:49 AM
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My husband and I have taken three trips to Europe and have always used our ATM cards. There are any number of ATM machines in London and you should have no problems with them. As mentioned above, your PIN cannot be more than 4 digits, and you may want to make them numbers as opposed to letters, because not all machines have both on their buttons. We found this out the hard way.

Have a great time. We are going again next spring.
Jul 29th, 1998, 11:22 AM
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My ATM card was tied solely to a savings account at my bank. The card was rejected at the ATM in both Amsterdam and Barcelona. I have since changed my ATM to a checking account (as instructed by my bank), but have not had an opportunity to use it abroad. My bank assures me that this new card will work. I highly recommend that you have an alternate means to obtain money (cash advance on a credit card, travellers checks, etc).

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