Arriving Zurich - first 3 days? where?

Jan 29th, 2002, 08:36 AM
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Arriving Zurich - first 3 days? where?

I am so glad to have found this "page". Have enjoyed reading all the posts. We will be traveling to Switzerland in June/July. We have 3 days after arriving in Zurich (arrive Fri. 10 a.m., Sat., Sun., go to Lucerne on Monday) before my husband has business in Lucerne. We have 9 days after his business is over to explore Switzerland. So, where should we spend the first 3 days?

I would like to spend 3 days in one place. Do you think it would be too much to go directly to the Jungfrau Region and spend 3 days in say Murren or Wengen? Would have to get off the plane, get on a train. Too much? Or head straight for Ticino? Perhaps someone has a better idea for me.

Thank you.
Jan 29th, 2002, 09:02 AM
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It might help if you told us the places you plan to visit after Lucerne, or do you know yet? I'm not very good about doing a lot of additional travel -- for example to get to Murren or Wengen after getting off the plane in Zurich -- but if that is your only opportunity for that area, then I think I'd go for it. Three days would be nice there. On the other hand if you are planning on doing three days there after Lucerne, that would be preferable as far as I'm concerned.
I personally always passed through Zurich until two years ago, when we deliberately added four additional nights in Switzerland to stay in Zurich. Actually, you could have a very good time starting there and spending your first three nights. It is a great base for day trips -- The Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhine (maybe by boat between them) makes a nice day trip, as do trips on the lakes and to surrounding villages. We did a wonderful day trip from Zurich to Basel. Are you getting a Swiss Pass? In addition to the train travel, it also will give you discounts on many lifts or cable cars and free transport on most of the boats on the beautiful lakes.
Jan 29th, 2002, 09:31 AM
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Ronda: Suggest, you stay at least the first night in Zurich. Suggest the ***Hotel Scheuble near the train station.
Take a boat trip. It's lovely and relaxing. The perfect way to get over your jetlag. What are your interests? If you are interested in fine arts, go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Zurich and do explore the old town, don't miss the Chagall windows at the Fraumuenster Church. Zurich must be discovered by walking or take the Trolley Tour. Greatfun. Book at the Tourist Office at the train station. They also have material for all places in Switzerland.
Jan 29th, 2002, 05:31 PM
richard j vicek
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Good evening, would spend the first day
and night in Zurich, Ursala's suggestion is very good. Personally
I would go into the Berneroberland
for two nights or better yet, go to
Luzern and make Wengen, Grindelwald
and Murran a day trip out of Luzern
You also have the three mountains, Rigi
Pilatus and Titlis around Luzern as well
as the lake. If your husband is in Luzern on business your sightseeing with
him during the day will be somewhat limited, at least you can enjoy some of
the Berneroberland and or Luzern together...Richard of LaGrange Park,mIl..
Jan 29th, 2002, 05:54 PM
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Patrick, that is what I thought, too - getting on a train directly off the plane and going to another location would be too much, however, my husband has been to Zurich before and did not care for it. He doesn't want to make Zurich a home base for day tripping but to me it sounds like a good plan. We will be purchasing Swiss Rail Passes.

Ursula, thank you for the suggestion on the Chagall windows. I will have to see them; I love art and museums.

Richard, while my husband works, I get to go to the museums and spend all the time I like . Shhhh, I also go shopping...without him

We have 9 days for fun after my husband is done with business in Lucerne. We plan to go to the Jungfrau region and perhaps stay in Murren or Wengen. My ancestors are from a little town near Spiez and I definitely want to see it.

I want to spend a few days in the French speaking portion of Switzerland so Fribourg, Murten area or perhaps Lusanne or Montreux (since it has received such high praise on this page). Then we want to go to Ticino for 3 days, back to Zurich for 1 night before departing.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on trip planning. I do appreciate having someone to discuss my plans with who is knowledgable.
Jan 29th, 2002, 07:36 PM
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OK, Rhonda, I don't want to start a war between you and your husband, but I think you hold the trump card. So he didn't enjoy Zurich by himself, all you have to do is explain that you weren't with him the first time!! I still think it is the best use of your first three days.
But failing that argument, I think I'd next opt for the three days at Stein am Rhein. It's only one hour from Zurich airport, depending upon your arrival time. Stay at the delightful small Rheinfels Hotel right on the river. For the next two days you can make trips up the river to the Rhine Falls -- quite a sight, to Lake Konstanz (quite close), to Mainau, the delightful floral covered island, and to other spots around the lake.
Jan 29th, 2002, 07:50 PM
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Ronda I agree with Patrick and Ursula. I would stay at least 1 night in Zurich. It is so easy to get to the train station from the airport. The market in the train station is a delight. Just wander around Zurich. Ursula was a great help to me when we went in Sept. (We got there on the 11th.) She recommended an italian restaurant "the Commihall" which we enjoyed very much. But just wandering the streets is so relaxing. Then I would go to Murren.. Have fun, Carol
Jan 30th, 2002, 08:59 AM
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Thank you all for the many good ideas. I read post 41 below regarding villages and towns surrounding Zurich. Lots of good ideas there, too. You have sold me on Zurich. Stein am Rhien sounds lovely, too.

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