are some airlines more safe than others?

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are some airlines more safe than others?

I am the type of person that always ends up going in the more expensive airlines because I feel more safe in them. I think the safest airlines are air canada, british ariways and emirates airlines.
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To answer your question simply: no, there is no one safe airline. You take your chances on all of them. A higher fare charged by certain airlines doesn't mean they offer better safety-where did you get that idea?
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While no airline can guarantee 100% safety, I'm sure safety records do indeed vary from airline to airline. Statistics must be available on the web someplace.
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True, no airline can claim to be completly safe. However if I remember correctly Quantas is the only airline that can claim a perfect record of never having a death due to an accident.
A bit of trivia.
Quantas standa for Queenland and Northern Territory Air Service.
Am I right? Any Aussies out there?
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linda simpson
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when we had that Value Jet accident several years back. Some of the top goverment officals were saying that there were A B and C rated airlines and they all knew which ones not to fly! I think it is high time that they get a grade we all understand. I worry with all this threat of bankruptsy that they may look at cuting safty things. Then there is the problem with disgruntled employees!
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Qantas doesn't have an additional "U"! And yes, I believe that is what it stands for!

from an Aussie!
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Seth: Go to It list the airlines and fatal accidents. It full of other safety information.

John: That isn't true about Quantis anymore. Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, etc. have never had fatal accidents either.
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The statistics which say that Aer Lingus and Virgin are safer can be misleading. Virgin only has a few 747's and A34's and one A320. On the other hand, American Airlines has over 500 planes. If American or United had so few planes and only flew for the past 10 years or so, they would also have no accidents.

Bin Laden should post and say if he hates British Airways more than other airlines. For those without access to bin Laden, it's all a guess. A few weeks ago, someone picked on no-name airline, Ryanair. (The hijacking attempt was not successful).

BA business and first class are suppose to be excellent, but it's coach class is very ordinary. Singapore Airlines coach is nice, but they only fly about 3 routes (Newark to Amsterdam? JFK to Frankfurt? just guessing).

I've heard rumors that Northwest (and TWA, which is no longer operating) had good maintenance. Scandinavian, Lufthansa, KLM were also good. I've heard rumors that Iberia's pilots can be reckless. Aeroflot let a pilot's son pilot the plane for fun and it crashed, killing everyone aboard.
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Posts: n/a Is a great site. I believe it states that Southwest also has never had a fatality. The highest fatalities of US carriers are United and American.
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Southwest may not have had a death but about 2 years ago, one of their planes was coming in too fast into Burbank Airport, which has a short runway. The pilot didn't give it up and go around. Instead, he insisted on going.

Is that like a driver who sees the exit sign at the last minute? Are we all guilty of that?

Anyway, he crashed through the fence and into the parking lot of a Chevron gas station. 30 feet more and there would have been a fireball. Burbank's runway goes almost to the street and there's a chain link fence to hold back planes.
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