Animal Berlitz

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Animal Berlitz

Okay, ye well-traveled language-mavens -- I've discovered that kittens go "lurr lurr" in Russian, and I believe ducks go "gak gak" in Greek. Anyone have other examples of different animal sound transliterations in other languages? Do all cows say "mooo"?
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In Fijian golfers missing a short putt go 'fark, fark', while in Urdu they go 'barga, barga'.
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Pigs go "ruff ruff" in Hungary. Don't ask me what dogs "say"!
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Bob Brown
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I think cows say Moo all over. And regardless of continent and number of legs, jack asses make the same noise! The spelling of the sound may be different because it is phonetic. If you find a good book on the subject, it would help me out.
There are times when I would like to know what some of the athletic coaches here are talking about. We have several at UGA who suffer from congenital, chronic, and seemingly incurable, hoof in mouth disease. They just don't quite get the TV coverage wasted on that college-level, idiot basketball coach who wears a red sweater and throws chairs across the floor when enraged -- sort of like a gorilla I saw once in the zoo. He, and others, are seemingly empowered to act outrageously, well beyond any code of decorum or refined interpersonal behaviorial skills. Fawning sports fans tolerate the abrasive behavior as long as the team wins regardless of the animalistic level to which the coaching personalities might sink. There is a parallel here, subtle and obscure as it may seem!
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I think the question is how the language represents the sound. For example: cats go "meow" in the US, but "miaou" in France. "gak, gak" isn't *that* far from "quack, quack", but for me ducks sound more like "wak, wak"!
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Cheryl Z.
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and in any language, they're saying "FEEDMENOW".
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I believe Norwegian horses "knegge" or sometimes "prrrrrh," while Norsk pigs go "noff-noff."

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