Amazing Race April 19

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Amazing Race April 19

I felt the Hippies were a bit wimpy tonight, but I sure love their attitudes. There is no team in this race that I would rather spend time with.

Seemed like a third of the show ent by without without our ever seeing Ray & Yolanda.

This episode did little to make me want to see the middle east.

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I thought Oman was very interesting looking, with a moon-like landscape though. I could see visiting such a place. I think everyone is getting worn down, most of all Yolanda and Ray. The hippies barely scraped by.
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Hurray Fran and Barry! Looked like they have a pretty decent start for next segment. Anyone catch the name of the Rome hotel that was included in the sponsor's prize? Not sure I've ever heard of it.
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Atlante Star Hotel.

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Thanks Keith. Was just curious. Going to google it to check it out.
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Interesting that it didn't take a fast forward to mix up the race...just travel fatigue and figuring out the system for the traditionally slower teams.

First time I heard bickering type comments from the Hippies ("I have to dig and you get to bungee jump" from BJ). I was impressed with Tyler last as he supported his teammate is such a +ve way, unlike other teams we have seen (e.g., back in the car, he said what a great job BJ had done, instead of the 'we were here first but leaving last' type of comment we so often heard in previous TARs).

I think BJ being out there for so long had something to do with it as sweat was just dripping off of him the whole time, and when Barry came off with his dinner, he didn't look so good (and I thought Fran was pretty selfish sounding, "Just get me out of here.")

Although Ray & Yolanda have been in a relationship for a long time now, it seems they have some basic stuff to work thru still. For me, lugging around the hostility for 2 days would spoil enjoying an amazing country with my special many times does one get to experience Oman?

I thought Oman looked intriguing too, and I guess it's safe given TAR chose it as its Middle East country.

I would have been pretty sad if the Hippies got eliminated...c'mon Hippies!
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Having vacationed in the Middle East last year, I was reminded of how unique, diverse and beautiful the desert landscape can there, by the views of Oman we saw yesterday. And the racers' comments of the beauty and opulence there is no mistake !

I'm almost inclined to start rooting for Eric and Jeremy for the win now, because I find myself being irritated by BJ&T's easy going attitude resulting in some high-blood-pressure-inducing close scrapes (!) They are entertaining and humble, but at this stage of the game, they should ratchet it up a bit.
They've come in last twice in a row and they're still so nonchalant about it (such as at the end on the epi).

Truthfully, I have no issue with any of the 5 teams remaining, and would be happy with any of them winning.
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When the segment started, the frat boys had about a 5 hour head start; but then almost everyone wound up on the same bus at the same time. Seems to happen every week - someone gets a lead, but then it evens out when a place doesn't open until the next morning.

I'm surprised that the old folks are still in there, let alone #1. Although I'm glad the hippies are still in, I wish they would do away with non-elimination legs.

One thing I've wondered about - at the start of each segment, they seem to get their money in US$; whether or not they then do currency exchange is never shown. Seems to me that in some of these out-of-the-way places, US$ might be hard to use.

I think the preview showed them in Australia next week - should be good.
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Bubba, I wondered the same thing about the money. I'm guessing with all the editing we're not seeing all of the race, like they do end up with maps that I expect they must have to buy, so I expect the change money somewhere. Should be interesting next week with the Hippies having no money and no possessions. If anyone could 'bum' money from total strangers, it is them. Australia - how cool.
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On rare occasions, changing currency or currency issues are shown (most often in the supplemental video at the CBS site). It looks like it is edited out when it is routine, the same with going through customs and immigration.


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Well, when you have video of 'x' hours per leg times 'y' teams still in the race, I guess a lot of video ends up on the floor to make a 40 minute show (taking out commercials, etc.). Or maybe no one does ever have go to the bathroom...
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It was a good episode, although I was sorry to see BJ getting so discouraged. They're my favorite team, and I hope they make a comeback next time!

When was the rule about taking away money and possessions after non-elim round enacted? I have only seen seasons 1-5; I didn't know they did that. That seems like a real challenge.

I was happy for Fran and Barry. Good for them! I actually like all these teams too to an extent, even though the frat boys are my least favorites.
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I thought last night's show was very interesting. It was nice to see the teams come in in a different order for once. I was so happy it was non elim! My hippies can still pull it through! I hope Fran and Barry loan them so money. Oman doesn't look like the kind of place where you're allowed to pan handle.

I'm glad that Eric and Jeremy were 2nd to last. It shows that anyting can happen.
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I thought this was a great episode! And I enjoyed seeing a bit of Oman in the bargain. Really enjoyed the bit of "obstacle" in having the teams cross streams and do a bit of off roading to get to the ferries.

And I agree with the previous poster: Ray and Yoland need to get over whatever is bugging them. Granted, they haven't been together for more than 4 days, or something like that. But, hey, they've supposedly been dating for 5 years?!? Be adults, apologize, get past it, and get on with enjoying each other!

On pins and needles with BJ and Tyler, but it did look like BJ was giving in to a bit of dehydration and discouragement. It was heartening to see Tyler try to encourage him and not whine at him - and even give him a hug at them end! I'm also liking how these two make an effort to at least say polite phrases in the native languages. I also thought it was sweet how they were eager to do part of the race with Fran and Barry. But, I am glad they are still in it, though!

Fran and Barry in 1st place! Wow! Good for them. It really seems that Fran and Barry's strength lies in Fran's ability to read a map and navigate - the other teams don't seem to be able to do this as well.

Ultimately, I am glad that some one else got into 1st place. It was getting a little old there with the same two teams. This seems to shake things up a bit! Strange, but I'm sort of cheering for all 5 teams now!
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I hope Eric & Jeremy go back to just taking the easiest route to places and not trying to find a short cut that ends up being a disaster. At least they made it to the pit stop in time to be in fourth place.

I used to like the Hippies more and I think it's Tyler who annoys me. He neede to just be quiet when BJ was looking for the buried diner, and BJ need to look a bit deeper than a couple of inches.

I don't know what got Yolanda so upset. All we got to hear was Ray saying "damn bridge", which Yolanda herself had said just a moment before. So I'm guessing some stuff was edited out, but if not, then she needs to get a grip.

I don't like Fran in the Race at all. What a ridiculous comment about no longer being "genial grandparents". They started the Race by telling us they weren't going to be "genial grandparents" and they certainly haven't been. They whine and complain constantly. I hope they go soon, like next week. They arrived first this week because the detour they chose and the roadblock were so luck-based.

I like Joseph and Monica and I'd like to see either them or E&J win. But, why did Monica complain about E&J going ahead and crossing the flood, or whatever it was? Somebody had to go and it's a race.

Oman did look lovely, but I wondered if it was a good part of the world for Barry to be wearing his Stars and Stripes bandanna. Might have been smarter to put that away for a day or so.
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Sorry for leaving out an "n" in dinner. Maybe a "diner" would have been easier to find!
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Since they have moved this show around, I haven't seen it. When is it on anyway? I thought it was 8pm Wednesdays, mountain time, but haven't found it.
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Its on Wednesdays, at 8.00pm EST, which I believe is 6.00 pm MST (Mountain Standard time)
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7pm Mountain time, I think.
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Barbara, I agree with you. As the race has gone on I've grown to really like the "Frat Boys". They play to win but aren't jackasses about it. If the race were really fair They'd have blown away the entire field by now. It has always bugged me that they send the team with a huge lead out in the middle of the night and they get stuck waiting for the attraction to open. Meanwhile, the losers are allowed to catch up.

And Monica is so damn cute I can't help but root for her and what's his name.

One year they should just dump the teams off in the middle of nowhere with a day's worth of food and gold jewelry or watches. They have to make their way back to the U.S. by trading the jewelry, working odd jobs or begging. Make it a real challenge.
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