Allied/Nazi Air Force Museums?

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Allied/Nazi Air Force Museums?

Traveling to France and Italy, soon. I am most interested in World War Two sites and will be doing the Normandy Beaches thing. Are there any Allied/Nazi Air Force Museums in Europe/France/Italy? Are they worth the time/trip? Do you know how many aircraft they have? I have a print out of "The Worlds Greatest Tank Museums" and several are in Belgium, so I may have to 'swing by there'. (By the way, Fort Knox, Kentucky is the best I have seen in the US---so far...)
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You might also try posting to it's a moderated NG with alot of WW II buffs who might be able to help you with info. Regards, Walter
p.s. In Italy you can also buy Italian WW II reproductions of medals, insignias, swords/knives etc., esp. at the gift shops around Rome's train station.
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Dave, where are the tank museums in Belgium? We're going there in a couple of weeks, and are scheduling the Battle of the Bulge Museums near Arlon and at Bastogne into the itinerary. We're also going to the air museum at Scheissheim, just north of Munich, which is supposed to have a lot of aircraft - don't know, however, from what time period.
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Paul Rabe
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Some more suggestions:

1) War Museum in London. Covers all wars Britain has been involved in, but (surprise!) World War Two covers a lot of the area.

2) Churchill War Rooms. The actual rooms Churchill used during the war, with many original materials.

3) The RAF Museum. Check for more info.

4) General Patton's grave, surrounded by the graves of his soldiers. Patton was certainly the only person to ever demand to be buried in Luxemborg, saying (basically) "If that's where my ^@@%^$# men are buried, then I'll be buried in %%#%^$##@ Luxemborg" :^)

One thing about Italy -- World War Two is a topic the country would rather forget. I saw only two plaques while there, one to those who died during the "War in Africa", the other (at the U.S. Embassy) to the Americans who "liberated Rome from foreign occupation." It's almost as if Italy and the U.S. have a silent agreement -- "We won't mention that you bombed our country to rubble and you won't mention WHY you did so."

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Thank you much, that is good news! I will check it out.

I will get that to you as soon as I can...probably tommorrow sometime (I do not have it with me).

About the 'unwritten' Italian/US agreement.....WORKS FOR ME! Adolf and Mussolini(wrong spelling--most likely) got theirs in the end. That's what counts, I guess. Musse and his 'squeeze' got theirs at Lake Como. But, I heard that there was something BIG in the way of Memorials and/or Museums at Anzio...No?
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"Dave The Tank Man"
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This is the 'print-out' that I have of:
I hope this helps...

The Victory Memorial Museum; Hondelange, Belgium
The Brussels Tank Museum; Brussels, Belgium

The Tojhmuseet; Copenhagen, Denmark

The BWB War Museum; Koblenz, Germany
The Auto UndTechnik Museum; Sinsheim, Germany
The Motor Tecknik Museum; Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
The Panzer Museum; Munster, Germany

The Panzer Museum; Thun, Switzerland

The Tank CollectionE.R.G.M.E.B.; Glen, France
The Saumer Armour Museum; Anjou, France
The Hackenberg War Museum; Veckring, France

The Bovington Tank Museum; Wareham, Dorset, England
The Imperial War Museum; Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England

The Museo Militar; Bucharest, Romania

The Military Museum; Kbely, Czechoslovakia

The War Museum Collection; Trieste, Italy

The Armored Vehicle Maint. Centre; Segovia, Spain
The Artillery Academy; Segovia, Spain
The El Goloso Barracks; Madrid, Spain

The Panssarimuseo; Parola, Finland

The Pansarmuseet; Axvall, Sweden

The Military Museum; Oslo, Norway

There are several others in Russia, let me know if you would like those. I omitted the one in Serbia...since
we are at war.


- Dave Crane -

email: [email protected]
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If you're going to be in France, I would highly recommend following the "Operation Cobra" (Patton's breakout)route from Normandy to Paris, i.e., Mormandy south to Avaranches (Definitely do le Mont St. Michel while this close); east to the area of battle of the Falaise pocket whene the German 7th Army as annihilated. The tiny village of Chambois was at the center of this battle, and the keep there is worth the trip alone. Go slightly north to the hilltop museum and memorial to the Polish troops. From here you can look out over the valley where the Germans were, and you can easily se how the massacre happened. Also, while at the Normandy beaches, don't miss the German cemetary at LeCambe, only a very few miles from Point du Hoc. It is very different from the American cemetary at Omaha, but equaly moving (after all, the Germans were just kids too!). If you're interested, I can give you more specific directions and perhaps some additional information. Have fun!

Ralph Cooke
[email protected]
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Ben Haines
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Dear Mr Crane

As you've been told, there is a RAF museum in Hendon, and there are planes in the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth North, London. But the latter museum has a much larger branch in Duxford, out towards Cambridge, which is an air force museum -- or rather two, with British and American sections. It is iun your checklist already, and I think it has a web site. You can reach it in two hours from Aldwych East in central London: if you phone the Imperial War Museum they'll tell you how, and at what time.

I think there may be a small museum at Biggin Hill in Kent, but am unsure. Perhaps your web search engine can find "Biggin Hill" and tell you.

Observers who watched the Luftwaffe come over sat in bunkers under Dover Castle, and the bunkers are now part of a good museum. Dover is 90 minutes along the line from Victoria and from Charing Cross stations, both in London.

The City historical museum in Dresden has something to say about the fire bombing, but is surprisingly gentle in its coverage. In London we have abjured a memorial of Dresden and Hamburg, though there is a controvesial statue of Bomber Harris in front of St Clement Danes Church on the Strand, near Temple tube station. Coventry Cathedral is of itself a monument for reconciliation and peace, and I think worth a visit.

Please write if I can help further. Welcolme to Europe.

Ben Haines, London

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Hey tank man-Did you get to see the Pink Tank in Prague? In 1990 or so when the Russians were leaving, the students and then the city council painted the Russies' monument a lovely shade of pink in protest. I took pictures but when friends toured Prague a few months later, it was gone.

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